Happy Halloweeeeeeen !!!!!

With Halloween upon us, let us acknowledge and revel in how far we have progressed since last year’s Halloween.

Often times, it is therapeutic to look back and take stock of just how far we have come.  Last Halloween, I dressed up, props and all,  as our Sarah, evoking laughs but also some dread and fear of what could come about.  For this Yo Mama, the past year has been nothing short of spectacular.  Our Sarah is not in any public office and for the meantime, we are safe.

The campaign was full of emotional ups and downs, election night was one of the most exciting times I have ever experienced, and Inauguration Day was so historic and euphoric.  Hope is morphing into real change, even though the process is not as easy as we thought it would be.  Time will be the judge but overall, I think we need to just take it all in and celebrate all that has happened since last Halloween.

Enjoy the photos, then take a minute to appreciate where we are today and give huge thanks for the way things turned out since last Halloween.


Remember the good old days?


A more sedate fall this year .....


Still full of hope .....


And golden dreams .....


Yellow splendor .....


The audacity of orange .....


Burning bush .....


Aptly named .....


Gorgeous gourds .....


Screaming meanies .....


A Halloween lineup .....


With love and thanks from:




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One Response to “Happy Halloweeeeeeen !!!!!”

  1. Natalie R Says:

    Oh my what BEAUTIFUL pictures. Why can I not see that around here in New England. I think this fall is rather eh drab but your pics are terrific!

    One thing though: WHERE DID YOU GET THAT GUN??? It looks real. Could it be?

    Speaking of guns I told one of my nice liberal ladies groups that I had lunch with that I really love to shoot guns. They could NOT believe it considering how left wing I am. But it’s true I do love to shoot and did as a kid. Today, though, I would never belong to a gun group BECAUSE I HATE the mentality and the milieu.

    Oh yes, one more thing I HATE Halloween…right yep I do I HATE it. Is that like Scrooge saying bah humbug Christmas? Well I say that too! But I say it all smiling. Who could hate Halloween? Answer: ME 🙂

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