Kudos and Catcalls

I am introducing a new, recurrent feature to this site.  “Kudos and Catcalls” will be an overview, presented in brief comments, of the hot-button issues facing us, by supposedly in-the-know people’s responses, whether stupid or smart.  By using this cheers and jeers model, I can provide a quick, but honest take on the important issues, providing my readers with relevant reading, all the while infusing them with my opinion.  What is the point of life if you don’t have an opinion?

Let us turn our attention to the week’s catcalls.  If you remember, on 9/11/09 the Coast Guard held training exercises on the Potomac River right in front of the Pentagon, to which President Obama was en route to deliver a speech.  Panic broke out in the D.C. area and news stations reported terrorist activity.  This week, the Coast Guard was absolved of any formal charges.  However, catcalls go out to them for a total lack of appropriateness, previous notification to any public or military entity and a large dose of stupidity.  Here’s the verdict from the Washington Post on 10/28/09:


Let’s hear a rousing razzie to those who ramped up the fear for the swine flu and then could not deliver nearly enough vaccine to quell those fears.  It is not our government though who is responsible; it is private industry.  So let’s give a double boo-hiss to those Republicans who are using this vaccine boondoggle as a prime example of how inept a public option, government-run health care program would be.  Listen to the talking brain of Dana Perino:


Mind you, these same conservative critics never cite the hugely successful Medicare program, the largest medical care delivery system in the world.  Medicare is well-managed, effective in providing decent health care and IS operated by the government.  Are these Republicans playing the typical game of selective politics, or are they just as dumb as rocks?

Likewise, Representative John Boehner publicly criticized the Democratic health care reform proposal: his main complaint was that it was over 600 pages longer than Hillary Clinton’s plan of twenty years ago.  Gee whiz.  We know the attention span of your basic Republican is practically nil.  They will read up on issues only if the assignment is no longer than an article in “People” magazine, i.e. only taking up the amount of time necessary to move one’s bowels.  Boehner, Mr. Tan Man, had no comment about the substance of the health reform presented to the country.  Did he ever stop to consider that universal health coverage might warrant such a hefty amount of paperwork?  Believe me, if the Democrats would have put forth a short plan, Mr. Tan Man would have criticized them for not being thorough enough.

Here’s a funny catcall.  I have repeatedly heard on the radio requests for people to partake in vaccine studies for such diseases as Ebola and the flu.  The speaker says that there is absolutely no danger involved for the volunteers.  Further, they will be compensated for their time.  Hold on: if these vaccines are totally safe, why do we need these studies in the first place?  Why not release the medications now?  A person would have to be dumber than even a Republican to go near any experiment that contained the word “Ebola”, much less the DNA of that virus.

Here’s a catcall for a local event.  It seems that Monocacy Elementary school in Montgomery County, Maryland, just got a brand new roof.  However, the school is scheduled for closure due to a lack of enrollment.  Great new roof, but no students.

Finally, let’s save our loudest catcalls for Senator Joe Lieberman, who has promised to filibuster the health care reform bill, especially if it contains a public option.  His ongoing traitorous acts are no surprise.  The Democrats are equally to blame for accepting his behavior in return for his caucusing presence and vote (only sometimes).  His committee chairmanship should be unceremoniously taken away from him immediately.  The only antidote to remove Lieberman from his convenient, duplicitous politicking is for the voters of Connecticut to never, ever, elect him again.

Enough negative crap.  It is time to give kudos where it is due, although I must admit, it is a far-sight more difficult task to find acts of wise, well-intention behavior.  Hats off to The FAA for revoking the licenses of those two Northwest pilots who overshot their destination by 150 miles because they were so caught up in an intense discussion about labor practices while (forbidden) using their laptop computers:


A huge round of applause to President Obama for making a visit to Dover Air Force Base to solemnly show respect for the bodies of the eighteen slain servicemen returning from Afghanistan.  Not only had Bush II banned any photographs of the coffins, but he never, even once, went to Dover to pay his respects to the fallen.  For his war.  Based on his lies.  Words of appreciation for the efforts of our servicemen will go just so far.  Lip service not enough.  Paying tribute and honoring the dead encompasses the presence of the Commander in Chief.  By showing his thankfulness and recognizing the huge sense of loss of each and every serviceman who died in serving his country, perhaps the President is setting the groundwork for extricating ourselves from the war in Afghan.  Maybe, just maybe, by acknowledging the horrors of war he is taking a big step in ending the insanity of it all.  How can he look death straight in the face 18 times in one day and continue our fruitless wars?  So kudos to President Obama for staring hardship and adversity, and even blame, right smack in the face.

I do hope you enjoyed this new feature.  Honestly though, it is somewhat dispiriting to have so many more assholes than aces in this world.  Why so few maestros and so many morons?  I will try harder to find those worthy of kudos rather than catcalls.


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  1. Natalie R Says:

    Excellent point: Never even THOUGHT that the companies would be behind this boondoggle. Dope SLAP on ME. OF COURSE. Makes PERFECT sense!!!
    From their point of view so who cares a few kids die…bet ALL of their kids of CEO’s got it!!! Such bastards beyond words.

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