I’m Just Wild About Harry

Senator Harry Reid delivered.  He got the sixty votes needed to progress on to health care reform debate on the Senate floor.  Mind you, all present thirty nine Republicans voted against this.

Interesting.  An even more difficult vote looming in the near future is that of cloture, i.e. a show of hands to END the debate.  The GOP senators will undoubtedly all vote against that as well.  Pray tell: is there any logic in first voting against discussion on a bill in front of the Senate followed then by the exact same zero number of votes for ending the conversation?  First they want no discussion, then they never want the conversation to end.  Do you think the GOP’s tactics are merely a ploy to stop any kind of solutions to this health care mess?  Could it be that their only intention is to bring defeat, any kind at all, to President Obama?

Damn it.  The end game here is not to trade a pat on your ass for one on mine.  We have thousands of children dying each year due a lack of medical care.  There is a silent majority of Americans who forego filling necessary prescriptions because when they have to choose between the medicine or food on the table, guess which one wins?  Too many Americans have been denied health coverage just because their insurance companies say so.  And how many more Americans are just plain old uninsured?  You call the United States a civilized, enlightened country?  No way, no how.  It is disgusting and hypocritical to choose as your life’s work elective public service, and then place a greater importance on process rather than the substance of what the population needs.  Obstructionism just for the sake of providing a political defeat has no purpose, and in fact, is detrimental to progress of any sort, especially to those issues that are critical to the well-being of Americans.  The health care debate is not a swap meet; we have critical issues to address and mend.  Real lives depend on it.  And I daresay that if our members of Congress did not have such Cadillac health care coverage at the expense of their constituents, they would feel the pain a little more.

If you have never given a piece of yourself for the greater good, start now.  Go view the PBS series, “Unnatural Causes”, a four-hour documentary on the established connection of poverty and sickness and death.  After you have seen the series, then tell me that the Congressmen really have  concern for the Americans who elected them.  Then tell me that the leaders of our great country are not cavalier in their attitudes and actions to those who have less.  Then finally tell me that these hardships are not used as  tokens in political horse trading and deal making.

At any rate, a victory is a victory.  Heaven knows what we will actually wind up with.  Thank you, Senator Reid.


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