Health Care Reform: A Test of Our Values

Health care reform is, when push comes to shove, when the fat lady sings, when our history will be written and perhaps a legacy established, the only measure that matters.  Politics be damned: health care reform is a reflection of our moral standards.  It is a verdict on our very values.

Yes: the United States is strapped financially, perhaps even verging on being broke.  However, it is high time for us to pull inwards.  Stop the wars and start the peace.  Cease nation building abroad and make it so here at home.  Aren’t we just about the kindest and most sympathetic country you have ever seen?  Building schools in Asia, providing health care in Africa, and playing the most ridiculous political games here in America to get the same job done.  To place health care reform on the back burner would be a total failure.  Our Congress has never acted fast in response to any emergency, except of course to decide to go to war, and often, those knee-jerk decisions were made as measures of total revenge, without thought as to who the real enemy was, what the right military tactics should be and without consideration of an exit strategy.

Values.  What principles, human beings and costs are worth it?  This health care debate is so much more than the mere words of its proposed legislation.  It is a struggle between our hunger for outer dominance and our vital need for inner morality.  Too bad  we have to choose and play one off against the other.  In the past, the choice was not so “either/or” in nature.  Now it is. As we have neglected our values, the trade-offs have become more severe.

Finally, how can we hope to export values abroad if we do not demonstrate those same values right here at home?  Shall we take care of our own, provide the same basic human needs on our home ground as we do abroad, envelope a value structure that heals rather than harms?  Health care reform is about priorities.  The sacrifice and cost of sending an additional 34,000 troops to Afghanistan must be judged in light of the need at home.  Values must come into play now more than ever because we cannot afford to do it all.  If we do not take care of our own, we will not have a viable country.  So why are we “defending” ourselves against outside forces when the internal pressures just might be the end of us?


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One Response to “Health Care Reform: A Test of Our Values”

  1. Natalie R Says:

    What you say has truth and validity. I THOUGHT I was getting that with our president. I thought I was getting VALUES, human VALUES and not just platitudes or a speech well delivered. I THOUGHT I was getting health reform and that the public option was imperative; couldn’t be health care without it. That’s what I thought.

    The word on the street is that our president is committing 36 thousand more troops to Afghanistan. No shock he said Afghanistan was so much more important than Iraq. It was. Emphasis on WAS.

    Will that be enough? No OF COURSE NOT.. so then it will be 20 more thousand troops, will that be enough of COURSE NOT then it’s 40 thousand more troops until he hands off to the next administration if he does not win 2012 (which he may in fact not unless Republicans stay divided as we hope they do) an Afghanistan of probably well over 100,000 troops. Sound eerily Vietnamish familiar? You BETCHA it does. How much will this cost until it stops? TRILLIONS. If you ask an “average” American what he/she would want more health care or WINNING war I am so certain that the popular answer would be WINNING war IF honesty prevailed.

    This country LOVES to win war. They don’t like to lose war or sustain casualties or look at flag draped caskets or look at the slaughter of innocents from our bunker busting bombs but they LOVE WINNING WAR. As long as the powers that be (Obama included) tell them that war is winnable, a light at the tunnel can be seen and it is oh so necessary and cannot be done ANY other way … NO PROBLEM here’s more money for more troops. Congress worries about being labeled unpatriotic don’tcha know.

    Face it despite the shining city on the hill BS that we are fed from birth, despite the bull pucky of American exceptionalism, the true reason we go to war is why? Because we like it!

    How many wars since WWII have we been involved? When you know this you will know why a public option will NEVER pass. We love war MORE MUCH MORE than we love healing our sick and our poor. It’s really as simple as that. Values? What values? At the risk of vulgarity: Values other than the value of more war is load of horse sh*% . Here are the numbers of wars we have been in since WWII:

    Second World War (1941-1945)
    Korean War (1950-1953)
    Lebanon crisis (1958)
    Bay of Pigs Invasion (1961)
    Dominican Intervention (1965)
    Vietnam War (1957-1975)
    Operation Eagle Claw (1980)
    Grenada Conflict (1983)
    Beirut Confict (1982-1984)
    Panama Invaison (1989)
    Persian Gulf War (1990-1991)
    Somolia: Operation Restore Hope (1992-1993)
    Kosovo War (1996-1999)
    Yugoslavia Conflict (1999)
    War on Terrorism (2001–present)
    War in Afghanistan (2001-present)
    Operation Enduring Freedom – Philippines (2002)
    Liberia peacekeeping (2003)
    Iraq War (2003-present)

    The list prior to WWII is too huge to post here but you can go to the link below to find the answer to that. It MAY… I say MAY astound you. Change our values? What pipe are you smoking?

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