Dead People, Dead Government

Bull, bull and more bull.  The United States is dawdling, dithering and avoiding action on health care reform.  We are a nation of cowards.  Oh sure: we can fight endless wars and put our supposed patriotism on the line.  However, we cannot take care of our own here at home.  Cowboy antics like shooting and bombing are worth the costs of billions of dollars and untold American lives, but caring properly or , at all, for our sick citizens just does not have the same panache.

Read this article and weep:

This is about a 23-year-old man, John Brodniak, who was found to have a hemangioma that is killing him.  The only factor in the denial of treating this operable mass is the fact that he no longer has health insurance.  Even though he has been accepted into the Medicaid program, he can not find a participating physician to operate because the reimbursement is ridiculously low.

Wake up, America!  The health care proposal in front of Congress will provide a weak public option that is no option at all.   Because it will attract those who have no insurance, whether due their pre-existing conditions or their lack of ability to afford insurance, this public option will wind up costing people more than would private coverage.  Thus, we are back to what we already have: Medicaid, basically a government-sponsored charity that penalizes the recipients for pre-existing conditions and eliminates provider care by not offering reasonable reimbursement.

My husband used a phrase last night during a discussion on all the wars (over 200) we have participated in since our country’s founding.  Whether formally declared, lost or won, these wars represent America’s ongoing, selfish need for international power and dominance at the expense of our own citizens.  Not only are we sending our young people out to die, but as a result of the huge costs of war, we are denying our citizenry the basic human needs for existence.  My husband’s phrase was “paradigm shift”, moving from one thought system to another.  Our war strategies simply do not work any more, as they are outmoded and more destructive than beneficial.  Also, I believe we need a paradigm shift in our ethical and legislative initiatives as well.  Our need for exerting power internationally should be supplanted by executing proper care on our home turf.  The well-being of our own citizens should not have to take a back seat to often murky causes abroad.

Perhaps this overall health care reform is a step in the right direction.  But the shame of it all is that, number one,  it will not be enough and number two, it will not happen quickly enough.  The current legislation, if passed, is not scheduled to be in force until 2014.  By that time, John Brodniak will be dead, and millions of other citizens will be on the rolls of the uninsured.  Paradigm shift?  You betcha.  To what end?

Perhaps everyone who has serious medical ailments and can not receive care for them, should set up a mass camp on the White House lawn.  This “MASH unit” should not remove themselves from the premises until they are given decent health care.  How embarrassing would it be if photos of all these sick and dying people appeared on the front pages of every newspaper in the world?  “America, the most democratically advanced, richest and supposedly moral country in the world denies their people decent health care” is the headline I would like to see.  Nothing moves a government more, not even the reality of neglect, than shame.  Shame on you, America, for your cowardly inaction on taking care of your own.

So indeed, America: weep your hearts out.  That is, if you have a heart at all.  When a nation disregards its most precious resource, its people, for the glory of economic, political and international gain, we certainly have a lot to weep about.  It is a pathetic statement on our pathetic existence.  Real patriotism is working towards the betterment of each and every American.  We are toiling to avoid that responsibility rather than to fulfill it.

Political masturbation.  Bull, bull and more bull.


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  1. Natalie R Says:

    What a GREAT blog. I could not have said it better. As I always say when I read an especially good one from Yo Mamma’s I surely do hope this blog spreads far and wide including into the White House and the halls of Congress.

    Ever think of sending this to Joe Liberman? Probably that excuse for a moral being has no email in which to connect. It’s worth a try. If not to him then to others who THINK they are so moral because they care about fetuses but care about full term human beings? Well NOT so much! Spread this blog far and wide. It is EXACTLY correct! A paradigm shift is EXACTLY what we need!!

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