Tiger, the USDA and Health Care Reform: Only Catcalls

I have been out of touch because my computer was in the shop.  It seems it was all virused up, kind of like our country.  Go figure.  But I learned a good lesson this week, having been sans computer: I started reading books again in longer segments than thirty-second bytes.  Furthermore, most news articles, commentaries and Op-Ed pieces get the job done much better than I do.  The one thing missing from all of those sources though, is my personal take on the issues at hand.

I find myself in a constant state of irritability and intermittent states of outrage over world, national and everyday life events.  In that regard, my hiatus from the computer was therapeutic.  Sometimes one’s inner peace can come from only shutting out the outside world.  That inner peace though, is still elusive because no matter how hard I try, the insanity continues.  And, of course, I have to react.  So let’s have at it.  Here are my most recent nominations for alas, only catcalls.

Catcalls and absolute disgust go to Tiger Woods for smashing his wife’s and children’s world.  As if our universe isn’t ugly and mean-spirited enough, individuals have to add insult to injury by behaving in destructive and selfish ways.  My heart goes out to Elin Woods and her kids.  My moral code has always been conservative; in my last post, I called for Tiger to behave properly if only for the sake of his children, tacitly assuming that the best path for the kids was for the parents to stay together.  I have changed my mind.  Elin should take her kids and get as far away, as fast as possible, from Tiger.  He is mentally diseased and I daresay, probably physically infected as well.  His expertise in whoring doesn’t hold a candle to his golfing ability.  What are we up to now: ten mistresses?  You know there are many more waiting in the wings.  Not only has Tiger slept with all of those women, but also he has exposed himself to all of these women’s previous partners.  What is worse, is that Elin has likewise been exposed, through no moral fault or wilfulness of her own.

Additionally, I have said it before and I will say it again: women are their own worst enemy.  All of these women knew Tiger was a married man with children.  Just because Tiger had no regard for his vows does not mean these women should exempt themselves from any moral stance.  Don’t get me wrong here: Tiger is the scum of the earth, but his partners in crime are similarly culpable.

While we are at it, let’s talk about Tiger’s commercial endorsements.  Many people think his participation in endorsements was that of a role model and that these companies should dump him from their ads.  Bulldoody.  Companies such as Nike, American Express, GM and Tag Heuer have no such consideration of using Tiger as a role model; all they are concerned with is how much product Tiger will sell for them.  It is all about bucks and their bottom line.  Of course they will end up dismissing him from their advertising ranks because net sales will fall.  Who would want to wear athletic shoes or a watch that is sported by such a slutty hooker and narcissistic individual?  So even though these companies couldn’t give a blasted bazooka for Tiger’s moral character, they will turn tail once sales drop.

I do not believe that a man such as Tiger can really clean up his life.  His obvious sense of entitlement prevents any consideration of anyone else.  Yes Siree: Elin should acknowledge her heartbreak, mourn the end of her marriage, take the kids away from their sick father and thank her lucky stars that she discovered Tiger’s pathological behavior so soon into their relationship.  If her moral being takes precedence over her desire for money, she will come out of this smelling like a rose, with some hope for peace for her family.

Disbelief and yes, unabashed outrage was my feeling when I read that fast food chains had higher safety requirements for their food than does school lunches for children:


Another outrage.  Just like Tiger, the USDA talks the talk about how precious our children are, and then promptly institutes policies that completely negate that statement.  Pray tell, is there any justification to this policy except for the fact that children do not have the vote?  We need to shoot the messengers.

Finally, I offer the damnedest catcalls to our Congress.  The public option in health care reform is dead.  In its stead, we might get an expansion of Medicare to those 55 years and older, but this would be only for those who cannot afford private insurance.  Simply, we are extending the Medicaid program to older folks.  Reid caved, Pelosi folded and President Obama kept his distance.  Surely the main aspects of health care reform, i.e. no pre-existing conditions and no denial of medical care once diagnosed, are moot since this “reform” will not kick in for another four years.    In the interim, there will be no competition available to keep the insurance companies in check.  Thus premiums will continue their fantastic climb and many more millions of people will be without insurance — unless they join the rolls of Medicaid.  Above all, it is fine and dandy to say that health insurance is mandatory for all citizens, but it is a complete fairy tale if the majority cannot afford it.  Nothing from nothing is nothing.  Some hail this reform as just a beginning and that progress must occur in baby steps.  Who are they kidding?  The premise of having for-profit insurance companies run the health care show remains intact.  When this system implodes on itself, and it will, I will see you again.

I know many people out there are having similar doubts about Barack Obama the campaigner versus Barack Obama the President.  The two roles are worlds apart and discrepancies were bound to arise.  The promise versus the reality.  However, regarding health reform, what are we truly changing?  What good is it to forbid denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions and cessation of care for illness if most of the people cannot afford the coverage in the first place?   The corruption and greed of the private insurers are well-known and that will continue.  Why do I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone?  Why do I feel like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day”?  Congress and even our President can couch the legislation in all sorts of words of praise and benchmarks of supposed progress.  This bill is still a fraud.  Just like Tiger’s fake loyalty to his family and the USDA’s phony dedication to issue safe guidelines for school lunches, this health care bill is a hoax.  Tiger , the USDA and Congress’s attempts at health care reform are all full of hot air and provide merely lip service.

As a result of this deception,  I am tending towards the right-wing side of things.  If our government and military-industrial complex cannot offer Americans the care, consideration and basic rights that is ours, maybe the best antidote is for each person to earn as much money as they can, without concern for the ethics of its source following in the footsteps of our lawmakers, and take care of themselves first and foremost.  Heaven knows our government is not going to do it.  Heresy you say?  Our inept legislators are scary enough to make me just dig a hole for myself and hibernate.  Maybe big government should take a holiday from our lives and each and every one of us should rise or fall on our own.  It appears that is what is happening anyway.

Sorry: no kudos this week.  My irritability continues.  I think I was better off without my computer.


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2 Responses to “Tiger, the USDA and Health Care Reform: Only Catcalls”

  1. Natalie R Says:

    It’s a long post and I have not read all of it … yet. I will. The first issue Tiger. You must have read my mind. I said to MY partner last night Elin needs to get herself testrf AND FAST. Not only as you say has he slept with nine, ten, eleven who knows 4000 but he has slept with ALL the partners they have slept with for decades. Some of the women allegedly were porno stars. Porno stars are NOTORIOUSLY at risk for AIDS since they almost never are protected. Porno would not be porno with condoms in view…not through experience mind you just what I have read.

    The worst of it, no doubt about it, are the effect this will have on the children. I, too, am rather conservative in my beliefs in terms of appropriate human conduct since the age of AIDS began. I once heard a liberal in the late 60’s say that in reality sex hurts no one. I believed that then. I believe it could NOT be further from the truth now. Who one has sex with, how often and with how many partners exponentially increases the risk of AIDS and other STD’s ESPECIALLY if the people do not use protection and with eleven or twenty sexual contacts there is bound to be unsafe sex no matter that Tiger is heterosexual … so far as we know!! I do NOT and cannot vouch for anyone but myself but Tiger has put himself at risk, his innocent wife at risk and worst of all the stability of his children at risk.

    Shame on you Tiger and shame on us for having this insatiable appetite for things salacious and undisciplined

  2. Natalie R Says:

    Okay I read the rest. EXCELLENT totally EXCELLENT. There is not one thing I could disagree with and the similes are brilliant. Still, we cannot REALLY hibernate as much as I would love to in the frigid north country. If at first we don’t succeed try … blah blah blah you know how it goes.

    The question of the health care proposal is is the emperor wearing any clothes when even the “progressives” in Congress say he is but all of us know they are full of bull pucky they simply do not want to look bad which to me they do anyway. The emperor is STARK naked and anyone who says he isn’t is fooling no one but themselves.

    I say like I said with George Bush: okay go ahead do everything you want and they did and took the country to the edge of a cliff. Why it didn’t sink is the eighth wonder of the world. Maybe next time and there WILL be a next time without financial regulation or health insurance competition, let the whole damn thing fall into the drink. Thankfully, I have no children, so it will not be I who is thrown overboard and I probably by that time will not be around to see it happen … I HOPE!

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