Miserable Miscreants of the Senate

It appears the Senate is still one Democrat short of the sixty votes needed to pass health care reform through the Senate.  Nebraska’s Ben Nelson is not on board because he wants tighter restrictions on abortion.  We all know that if this is the sticking point between passage and non-passage, the malleable miscreants in our Senate will horse-trade away women’s rights in a heart beat.  As if it wasn’t insulting enough to deny Americans fair competition in the health care market.  As if it wasn’t an insurmountable conflict of interest to make the private insurers their own policemen.

Here are two videos for you.  The first one is Chris Matthews interviewing Howard Dean.  Dean is as honest as the day is long, and believes that we have handed over, despite campaign promises of a public option, our health coverage and care to the private insurers:


In the second video, Andrea Mitchell is interviewing Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, a strong proponent of the public option and/or an expansion of Medicare.  In this particular sit-down however, he presents himself as the sensible and mature elder statesman, who will vote for a bill that sacrificed everything he held so dear.  Phony baloney:


When Rockefeller says that the proposed bill will force insurance companies to spend between 85% to 90% of premiums on actual health care, there isn’t a bone of sincerity in that promise.  After all, without any kind of public competition, the private insurers can do anything they choose.  And supposedly, there will be a federal watchdog  arm that will monitor the adherence to this stipulation.  Fantasy once again: if there are infractions, by the time the patient goes through the appeal process and maybe even win, he will most likely be dead.

This entire process of passing health reform reminds me of our folly in handling the meltdown of our banks and financial industry.  The institutions we provided bailout funds for were “too big to fail”.  As a result, 133 smaller banks failed this year and yet, the large banks we deemed worthy of saving took the money and still have not changed their greedy and corrupt practices.  That is not reform, and neither is this watered-down, over-compromised health care bill.  We still have the private, for-profit insurers calling the shots.  I should live long enough to consider this as real reform.

As Sir Walter Scott wrote: “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”  With our lawmakers losing sight of not only what is best for Americans, but also placing a higher priority on making the deal that is best for the politicians first and foremost, they are initiating a reversal of Democratic principles and promises.  The final nail in the coffin will be to attack women’s gender rights.  Women, children, sick people ….. they are all expendable.  Once they have voted, the allegiance of the elected officials to that electorate is washed down the drain.

All for the opportunity to claim victory.  In fact, by acting on the belief that everything is negotiable, nothing remains sacred.  As far as I have observed, there are only two politicians who have been true to the cause and substance of real reform: Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich.  Unfortunately, explicitly because of their honesty and adherence to standards, they are now being ripped apart by their own party members.  How attractive.

Thus, if the Democrats will essentially eat their young to get any semblance of a “victory”, I daresay the next item on the chopping block are my rights as a woman.  I am trying to prepare myself for this ultimate invasion of my Constitutional guarantees so that I will not sink into even deeper despair when it happens.

The name of my party, the Democrats, is proving to be an oxymoron.  The Devil you know is not necessarily better than the Devil you do not know.


In today’s Washington Post, Howard Dean wrote a straightforward, concise Op-Ed article about his opinion on the health reform in front of us.  Please take the time to read it.  At least in this venue, Dean is able to make his points without being constantly and so rudely interrupted and talked-over by Chris Matthews:



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