Our Foxy Sarah

Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya’, America!  Just practicin’ my folksy Palinesque diction.  What a great country we live in, folks.  Sarah Palin is now a news consultant to FOX and her daughter Bristol has launched her own public relations firm.  Even while it is being reported that high schools across the country are lowering the standards for graduation so that more students can get their degree, the GED still looks to be the most prestigious and effective way to achieve career success.  While Bristol is the spokesperson for the Candies Foundation and speaks to the public on teenage sexual abstinence ( isn’t that something she really doesn’t know about?), some people believe that this formalization of her media relations firm was consumated just so she could get paid by the foundation.  Whatever.  How proud can we all be of little Bristol’s entrepreneurial powers at such a tender age?  What is in that water in Alaska?

Also, the same idea has been floated to explain our Sarah’s foray into network punditry, i.e. money to keep her hair, makeup and clothing needs fulfilled, not to mention the power of the media to keep one in the spotlight.  Sure beats learning about the issues and conducting sound commentary on policies just in case another run for public office is in the cards.  Our Sarah made her FOX debut on Bill O’Reilly’s show yesterday.  Have a peek:


She is still Alaska Barbie in all of her perky quirkiness, not to mention her intellectual emptiness.  O’Reilly is actually conducting both sides of the interview: he poses each question with a premise that provides our Sarah with the answer, allowing no chance for our Sarah to become creative (or original).  O’Reilly cites Nancy Pelosi as being “crazy”  and Palin quite  eagerly jumps on that bandwagon.  Could it be that FOX is already covering their media asses by preventing Palin from offering up her version of public policy?  Good move, since she has no idea what public policy is and obviously no time in her harried schedule, given the time-consuming activities of hair, makeup and attire, to address the nitty-gritty components of commentary and public office.  If she should run for elective office again, real knowledge will not be necessary.  All that will be required is media hype and a damn good-looking package.  She knows that and America knows that.

Her colloquialisms are just adorable.  How endearing is it when she uses the word “uncomfortableness” when the word “discomfort” is available for use?  Just so precious.  Cute as a button.

Our Sarah and FOX are using each other to attain their own needs.  It is  not distinguishable in this relationship just who is the manipulator and who is the manipulee.  In reality, this is simply a case of mutual masturbation.  As opposed to symbiosis, which is a positive process, the mutual dependency of Palin and FOX  is the epitome of parasitism, representative of the diseased state of media attention having precedence over real knowledge.  The danger is that America, all wrapped up in their adoration of public figures, especially elected officials, will give credence and thus, public office, to a person who “is just one of us.”  The absence of any intellectual foundation is a moot point.  America’s new, largest and most lucrative industry has become media exposure —- in and of itself.  Automobiles, steel, services and real industry have become a dying craft.  Instead, we are left with just the public attention void of any underlying basis for that attention.  Talk about bankruptcy.  The Salahis, Balloon Boy’s family and certainly Palin are all symptomatic of this trend toward this vacuous fame as a trade-off for intellectual discipline and a real work ethic.  So be careful America and remember, we usually get what we deserve.

A phrase my wise mother often used, when faced with a seemingly benign, ignorant person whom she nonetheless was suspicious of, is very meaningful here: “Dumb like a fox.”

Have a happy, smiley-face kind of day.  Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!


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