Offering Aid To Haiti

Now is the time to resurrect our humanity.  The following is a partial list of organizations that can bring relief to the misery in Haiti:

No matter what your ideological beliefs may be, or your religious principles, or your disgust with our crumbling ethical structure, now is not the time to sit back and withhold help and aid to Haiti.  Yes, be careful about which organization you donate to (for example, what percentage of the funds donated to the Red Cross will actually be going to the devastation in Haiti?).  Be aware that any “non-profit” organization is not-for-profit only AFTER their executive salaries are paid.

My personal fave charity is Doctors Without Borders ( because of the incredible work they do and moreover, because of their financial integrity.  This organization received the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize.  Read more about them:

Additional praise for Doctors Without Borders:

Some preliminary research I have done shows that for 2008, this group allocated 87% of funds raised to actual relief, 12% to fundraising and only 1% to administrative costs.  This bodes well for donations made for the benefit of Haiti.

It would be all well and good to ascertain the benevolence and integrity of charitable groups before you make any donation.  Often though, these facts and figures are hard to come by in the best of times, and surely in Haiti, these are the worst of times.  Time is short and the human suffering is gargantuan.  So please, give generously now and chances are, your money will find the right path to aid those in need.

Thank you.


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