The Week’s End

I don’t know about you, but this week made me do some serious thinking.  Thus, my last four posts.  I have additional comments on two interesting news events and then, at last, some humor to welcome the weekend.

Senator Ben Nelson has turned tail on the deal he struck with the Senate on our federal government covering an the costs of Medicaid in perpetuity for his state of Nebraska.  Shame works:

Of course, Nelson is trying to save face by denying that the deal he struck was selfish, making the other state to pick up the Medicaid costs of his state.  So instead, he holds that no states should be subjected to the financial burdens of the expansion of Medicaid as directed by the health care reform bill.  Censure can work in very powerful ways, no?

Today is the one year anniversary of Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s miraculous landing of his damaged jet on the Hudson River.  His humility is apparent in his words today, as he deflected his act of heroism.  He heaped praise on just about everyone else but himself.  Impressive human being.

Now, for some comic relief from the week’s events.

Confucius say,

“If you are in a book store and cannot find the book
for which you search,

you obviously are in the…
Have an enjoyable weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***Thanks to my humor assistants, Lilleyhope and LonBen.

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