Frank Rich: The Best of the Worst

Please read Frank Rich’s Op-Ed in the New York Times today:

In this article, Rich says everything I have been trying to get across, albeit in a much more long-winded way.  These politicians, from both parties, are sorry excuses for human beings.  However, there still exists a difference between the overall ethos of the two major American political parties.

The Democrats, in all of their shenanigans, usually act with the underlying goal of bettering our country, i.e. health care reform.  The GOP on the other hand, has no such redeeming qualities, and their actions are motivated solely for the purpose of personal wealth.  Historically, this philosophical divide has been demonstrated time and time again by the enacted legislation:  the Dems passed Medicare and Medicaid, social security and were the force behind ending segregation.  The GOP enacted tax cut after tax cut, the Patriot Act, rescinded any modicum of financial regulation and most important, were always the “NO” factor is legislation having to do with a social and economic safety net for our citizens.  Republicans thrive on their belief that too much government is harmful and that, by leaving things alone, the economy and the welfare of our people will take care of  themselves.  Really what a Republican means is that if we leave well enough alone, he can reap all the profits for himself.  As for all the other Americans, they will just have to roll with the punches and be victims of  “letting the chips fall where they may.”

Rich’s term “buckraker” to describe these GOP personal worth hoarders, is perfect.  As he explains, look at that idiot Michael Steele and our own Sarah Palin.  Both public figures are in the game for their own enhancement. Period.  Furthermore, Rich makes the point that the Republicans have no qualms about abusing their own constituency, i.e. the tea parties, to bring even more lucre into their own pockets.  The GOP has no intention of “paying it forward”.

That is what is so ugly about this Harry Reid incident.  When Trent Lott made his racial comments by praising Strom Thurmond’s prejudiced stance on integration, they were said to promote negative, damaging effects, in support of nothing constructive.  Reid’s comments were uttered in support of candidate Obama.  That is the crux of Rich’s observations: while the GOP has a platform to tear down everything, the Dems try to bring to the table some legislation that will benefit our citizens.

Granted: both parties use ugly methods of operation.  Who would believe that the GOP is going after the middle class and blue collar workers for votes?  And which people who fall in those classes would actually believe that the GOP will deliver the safety net that they need?  Preposterous.  So even though the Dems have scoundrels like Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson, at least their equally preposterous actions had some redeeming values for the people they represent.  Despite these bi-partisan examples of bad behavior, the distinction, though small at this point, still exists between the two parties.

It is not pretty out there.  But we have what we have, and the Democrats are still worth fighting for.


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