EPIC Update

Yup.  We lost power about 6 A.M. and now, at 11:20, it was just restored.  Not bad.  I have a fire roaring in the fireplace and the house temperature fell to only 64 degrees.  Now let’s see if the power stays on.

We must have 20 inches already, with five to ten more to go.  It is quite beautiful and I will be going to post some photos later.

Gotta run and do my survivor activities.  Another update later.


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One Response to “EPIC Update”

  1. amy lilley Says:

    I woke up looking at our little flakes flying by, and thought about you…the prediction of the wet heavy snow is a ‘for sure’ for power outages…not bad, (your time-line)…glad the fireplace is a’ roaring…go do your survivor activities…is there a stripe for that???

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