I am stuck in the house today, and probably for the next three days as well, and I just watched Jenny Sanford on The View.  The wife of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, Jenny was out hawking her new book.  She was very quick, obviously educated, and not playing “victim”.  Nevertheless, she was annoying as hell.

First off, she defended writing this book.  Saying that it wouldn’t affect her children any more than the recent events have, she said that her boys might have a little more mire to plod through as a result of this book, but that they could handle it.  Ugh.  My biggest gripe is that she came out with the line many maligned wives and mothers use to justify their exes: “Mark is a wonderful father”.  How wonderful a father could he really be if he screwed around on his wife and family?  This is one of the biggest misconceptions, and I have heard too many women claim it.  I believe Jenny and other women in her situation hold this belief in order to justify their selection of their good-for-nothing husbands in the first place.  They choose this tack to make themselves look better.  Their husbands are ruses, but so too, are the wives.  Double ugh.

Our Sarah is still the epitome of strong, good old American values —- but only when they benefit her.  She mouthed off that Rahm Emanuel should be fired for using the term “retard” but she thinks when Rush Limbaugh used the same derogatory word, it is perfectly okay because she titles his usage as “satire”.  When was the last time Limbaugh ever did a gig as a stand-up comedian?

Arianna Huffington is so on the money about Palin.  Our Sarah will twist and distort any issue, from foreign policy to media events to family issues in order to “brand” herself, i.e. rake in those dollars:

If Palin was honestly concerned about the American people, how could she propose yet a third war in response to being asked how President Obama could win a second term?  Is that what she would do if she were in the President’s shoes?  Start another war, this time with Iran, to bolster her own image in a surge of patriotism?  Palin is still the dumbass she always was.  No evolution there.

The only consolation I find is that, if Palin somehow gathers strength, political popularity and becomes a real threat to attaining the highest office in the land, Levi Johnston is holding back that one mind-blowing item that could ultimately take her down.  Hold on tight, Levi: we may all need that tidbit sooner or later.  Who would have ever thought that Levi Johnston could save a nation?


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