My Architect

I am having trouble accepting the news that we are getting another ten to twenty inches of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday.  What I would give to personally know an architect who could inform me as to the strength and structural integrity of my roof.  Will it hold up under four to five feet of snow?

The sheer amount of snow in our area is not to be believed.  Further, even though the Virginia Department of Transportation is doing a bang-up job of plowing, there is just nowhere to put the snow.  So many trees are bent over, weighted down by the snow, inches from the power lines, that I cannot imagine what another foot and a half will do.  I’d have to be in a coma not to expect new power outages.

Rather than being Debbie Downer though, I will think positively.  Who am I kidding?


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2 Responses to “My Architect”

  1. sara bruce Says:

    Finally a good reason to live on a snowy island: snow dumping is easy – we just dump it in the channel.

  2. lou Says:

    we use the Erie Canal

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