We’re done.  And we lucked out: only six to eight inches this go-around.  I cry “Uncle” regarding the snow.  But enough of the weather.  More serious problems persist.  It is time to cry “Uncle”, loud and clear, in response to our government’s failure to thrive.

The do-nothing Congress is pathetic.  The GOP will vote against anything and everything that President Obama endorses.  Their only mission is to bring the man down.  Have a good look at this commentary by Rachel Maddow, who is relentless and truth-serving in her effort to showcase the hypocrisy of the Republicans:


Along with our elected GOP officials voting “No” on every substantive policy issue, they are also holding up effective governance by vetoing across-the-board political appointees, such as the new chief of the NLRB.  The Republicans voiced concern over the proposed nominee, Craig Becker, because in the past, he has worked in support of labor unions.  Can you imagine that?  An official, very well versed and experienced in labor issues, actually talking to labor unions?  It is time we-the-people cried out against this destruction and paralysis.  Take the time to view Senator Sherrod Brown castigate the Senate for their blockade against governing:

The other side of the coin, which in my mind, is just as liable for our failure of government, is the weak, gutless response of the Democrats and yes, our President.  Even without a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, the Democrats still have a whopping majority there and in the House.  There are viable alternatives available to getting major policies passed and appointments assigned: reconciliation, recess appointments and whatever other (I am no poli-sci maven here) methods that exist to ram through these much needed legislation.  The Republicans threaten a filibuster on almost every single item.  So what.  Let them filibuster.  Let them read from the phone book for hours, if not days, on end.  Let their electorates see how obstructive they are to any effective measures.  Let the people take notice of the waste of time and resources our government officials are expending.  Then, let the taxpayers rise up and scream bloody murder about the do-nothings in Congress who are not fulfilling their oaths of office — on our dime.  The Democrats need to be much more aggressive in getting their programs past the GOP blockade.  Further, the renegade Democrats like Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman, need to be put in their place and kicked off of any committee they chair.  No more back room deals to secure the votes of these renegade Democrats.  If the Democrats  also choose to do nothing, they are just as responsible for the failure to govern.  No excuses accepted.

Let the Republicans criticize the Democrats for ramming through legislation in whatever way they can.  Bush did exactly that: he used any and all legal strategies to push through such acts as the tax rollback, recess appointments and the freedom-eroding Patriot Act.  Cheney made sure that whatever bills they wanted passed, were passed.  Can our ruling party get some of that chutzpah and cajones that Cheney had?

As Albert Brooks writes in his Op-Ed on Huffington, Obama is being “punk’d”:


To have Sarah Palin write crib notes on the palm of her hand to help her get through a speech, all the while she criticizes President Obama for his reliance on the teleprompter, is so hypocritical.  For Palin to call for the firing of Rahm Emanuel for using the derogatory term “retard”, while deeming Rush Limbaugh’s same use of that word as “satire”, is outrageous.  Likewise, as Maddow pointed out, how deceitful was it to have those Republicans, who voted against the stimulus package, then appear publicly with the people of their state who benefitted from that exact stimulus?  These are only small examples of the larger outrage committed by the GOP.  I cite these examples to show how petty and self-serving, yet of one mind, the GOP is.  Their pettiness should not be allowed to affect the running of our government.  Lives are at stake here and real governing is not about who wins.  They have lost sight of their mission.  But the Democrats are allowing this distortion and blockade of the mission.

A person can be “punk’d” only if he allows it.  The Democrats can be maligned by the GOP and their very own party members only if they permit it.  When not even one GOP member votes for an act that is beneficial to the people, over and over again, you would have to be either dead or a real idiot not to assume that their agenda is simply to say “No” to our President.  What is much worse in my mind, is that the Democrats allow this behavior and are absolutely not fighting back.

It is time for all of us to cry “Uncle”.






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