We are out of whack.  We are turned upside down on our heads.

What about bringing manufacturing  jobs back to the United States and having, maybe, a little more quality control?  But no.  God forbid we would be required to pay our employees a decent living wage and claim a lettle less on the bottom line.  So we send our contracts elsewhere on the globe.  However, please realize that by doing that, Heaven knows what kind of products we will get back.  Not only are we courting danger in the form of a lack of oversight, but we are also foregoing the creation of jobs here at home.  Call me protectionist; call me whatever you want.  By all means, call the corporate ethos greedy pigs.  But then you must also call the American people just as blind in their quest for cost over quality.  Plenty of blame to go around.  Tons of denial and downright refusals to correct this situation.


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