Small Fry Bayh

Despicable dirty dog.  Senator Evan Bayh announced today that he will not be seeking re-election for another six year term come November.  This is absolutely his option to choose.  His reason is that he cannot abide the thought of another six years as a member of this do-nothing Senate.  Bayh has always been a middle-of-the-roader and he has called out his fellow Senators on both the right and the left for preventing anything of substance from getting accomplished.  Well Senator Bayh, join the club.

However, while his intention is understandable, his method was atrocious.  There is no way the Senate as a group can have ethics, concern for their constituents’ needs and a respect for the responsibilities as lawmakers if the individuals that make up that body do not hold such truths.  Our Senate is made up of 100 people.  If those people serve their terms mainly for self-serving reasons, of course we are not going to see any meaningful legislation result.  Each Senator is much more worried and thus, driven, by their own career concerns than the job they were hired to do.  I daresay that Bayh felt a tinge of getting out while the getting was good; he did not want to lose an election.

Over the years, people have raved about Bayh.  I never saw it.  Maybe he had a lot of potential, but that potential never materialized.  He offered no real support for his party, his President and thus, his constituents.  This move might be indicative of the tentativeness he has exhibited during his years in the Senate.  Fine and dandy: he couldn’t stand the heat so he got out of the kitchen.

But his schedule of announcing his retirement has left the Democratic National Committee and the Democrats of Indiana up a tree.  The deadline for a Democrat to enter his name on the ballot for November is this Friday —- only four days away.  Within that time frame, not only must the Democrats find a decent candidate to run but they also have to collect thousands of signatures to enter his name on the ballot.  Thank you Evan Bayh for being so considerate as to the greater picture of politics and policy in your home state.  Once again, another Senator doing what is exactly right for himself.  Don’t believe for a minute his plaint that he still very much cares for the people of Indiana.  No way.  Bayh has brayed like a real horse’s ass and by leaving this decision to the last moment, he has shown no concern for anyone but himself.  No wonder our Senate is paralyzed.  Bayh is just another sad statistic to attest to that fact.

So my dear Evan, you will never get to Heaven making selfish decisions like the one you made today.  Senator Bayh, you are such small fry, a mere tsetse fly in the public’s eye, a wise guy unto only yourself.  You have truly earned the moniker of “Senator”.


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2 Responses to “Small Fry Bayh”

  1. Natalie R Says:

    It is still curious as to why he pulled out NOW as you say at a particularly difficult time, giving the Dems only one week to get a candidate with 1000 signatures. Moreover, he never informed Harry Reid until AFTER the announcement! Nasty totally nasty. He was as I call it a DINO (Democrat in name only). I would ordinarily say see ya, except it seems he was ahead by 30 points running against Coats who had that position before but has some baggage now or a tea party candidate God forbid on that one. Both had Bayh winning. So it leads me to conclude because of the WAY it was done it was an i’ll teach you a lesson moment. Bayh is mad at someone(s) — red hot mad I suspect — to do this. If that is the case he truly is a jerk because it seems, unless the Dems can come up with a star candidate that that seat will go Republican.

    We KNEW that 2010 was going to be a loss for the Democrats. In my always humble opinion they have only themselves to blame for their intractability and no White House whip to keep them in line. So who will suffer? NOT they you can be sure. How about WE the people, of course.

    This country has historical amnesia. It is almost like the Bush years never existed at all. So Republicans are threatening a come back? We shall see, we shall see. A LOT can happen between now and November and I can only HOPE Democrats see that including the White House. Bipartisanship should be DEAD and the filibuster idiocy removed. Republicans are not to be blamed for this mess. I place it squarely in the Democratic lap as politics is a game and when you are dealt a good hand like the Democrats were in 2008 you run with it. Too many Dems fumbled the ball. I’m waiting to see who will recover it before it goes out of bounds and out president’s agenda will be out of gas!

  2. Natalie R Says:

    make “out” OUR….ugh typos!

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