Doggone Absurd

A few absurdities have crossed my path this week.  Funny and ironic, but hypocritical and sad as well.  Too many times in my life I have seen females give credence to the thought “women are their own worst enemy”.

First, read about Sarah Palin’s grandson Tripp:

Tripp’s parents, Bristol and Levi, do not have a pot to pi** in, so the benefits offered Tripp by the state of Alaska make sense.  Of course, one might ask why Bristol and Levi do not have jobs to support their child.  Another topic for another day.  What does not compute is the G-Momma’s (our very own Sarah) condemnation of government assistance.  Even though our Sarah is in the money now, she has no obligation to purchase health insurance for her grandson.  It is her right, and so much more important for her to invest in designer clothes, super-hot shoes and other right-wing nuts sharing in her philosophy.  You know, her platform that government has no place in the lives of Americans and that Americans should take care of themselves.  Unless, of course, the entitlements are thrown so squarely in one’s face that they just cannot resist.  Platitudes meant to apply to the masses but not to the blessed few who can game the system is just absurd.

Then, all those female voters who say they love Palin because “she is just like us”.  Shame on those dames.  Palin might talk a good line that she is just a hockey mom looking out for her family, but her lifestyle belies that claim.  The Palin children are true orphans.  They fend for themselves, cook their own meals and the older children substitute for the missing parents in the raising of the younger children.  The worst offense is that Palin uses her children as fake political props.  So even though she talks a universal message of family and self-reliance, in no way, shape or form does she live by those rules.  In the process, she is walking all over women everywhere (not to mention her own little orphans).  Unbelievable and absurd.

Talking about the heights of ridiculousness and contemptible farce, how did you like the mistresses of Tiger crying and raging over his omission of an apology to them?  Some of these women hired lawyer-to-the-stars Gloria Allred to help out with the publicity and the blackmail.  It would seem to me, call me crazy, that these poor mistreated women need to apologize to Elin Woods and her children.  However, with their real intention being on catching a financial windfall from Tiger in the form of a payoff, these women-who betray-other-women will settle for an apology, which in turn will keep them in the public spotlight for another fifteen minutes which could lead to an even bigger payday.  Absurd.

Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State, voiced her opinion on women helping women —- honestly and truly.  She said: “There is a special place in hell for women who do not help one another.”  Let me advance that thought one step further.  There is an even hotter place in hell for those women who say they support their fellow females yet behave with more loyalty to their selves, whether it be for designer clothes, fame , mens’ wives, or money.  This place in hell is reserved for those women who not only do not help each other, but also for those who hurt or destroy other women ….  and their children.  They verbalize an admirable stance yet live their lives in a completely different and opposite manner.  Absurd.

Finally, an absurd video for you to watch that will send you off into the new week happy and laughing:


Wait.  Wait.  Look what I just found —- in French no less:


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  1. ERG Says:

    love the video – like either of my dogs would sit still that long! As for Tiger Woods, chub min dred.

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