Giggles Galore

It’s been a slow week blogwise for me.  Sorry —- everyone needs a break from the paralysis and nonsense in D.C.

Have a good weekend.  Here’s the best giggles you’ll ever hear:

Thanks to Maribel and CuzKyle for discovery of this video.


3 Responses to “Giggles Galore”

  1. amy lilley Says:

    LOVED it…we should all get such a big giggle from the simple act of ripping paper….too cute…:)))

  2. ERG Says:

    I love when babies giggle! Thanks for giving me a good laugh while I’m on hold with the bank.

  3. Natalie R. Says:

    That is just TERRIFIC…ah to be SO innocent when the littlest thing can get the biggest laugh or engender the greatest excitement. Too bad we lose that as an adult! It’s true in all the mamillian kingdom if you ever watch a kitten or a puppy they get exstatic over nothing. Everything is new and a sense of wonder.

    Adorable Utube!

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