Nobody Does It Better

Nobody, nowhere, does it better than Rachel Maddow of MSNBC nohow.  Her outright intellect, her unwavering loyalty to the facts and her calm delivery provides a service to this country that no one else can duplicate.  The following is her say on the GOP’s sour grapes response to HRC:

I agree with Rachel.  We will get health care reform.  The only remaining obstacles are procedural.  Thus, the GOP cannot stomach this loss and so they are waging war against the process of reconciliation as their last gasp effort to put a halt to any health care changes.  Never mind the long list of incidences from the recent past when the Republicans used reconciliation to jam through their legislative darlings.  Now they are crying “Unfair”.  Rachel nailed them.

Rachel is typically so even-tempered when she presents her political opinions.  In this video however, I am seeing a slightly ruffled, emotional Rachel.  It is beyond her comprehension that these hypocritical Republicans can blatantly lie about their platform beliefs, criticizing the Democrats’ use of reconciliation while remaining silent on their own partisan use of reconciliation over the last fifteen years.

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.  Certainly she cannot deny the ongoing deception and narcissism of our politicians.  Perhaps because I am older than Rachel and thus, much more jaded and cynical, I am not surprised by the newest bouts of lying and cheating.  If only reason, logic and a concern for the greater good could win the day, Rachel Maddow would get top honors.  Unfortunately, such is not the case in the good old U. S. of A.  As corrupt as our elected officials are, their constituents are worse because, knowing the facts, they still vote into office those lying, good-for-nothing scoundrels.  The people usually get what they deserve.

Let me cite three examples.  The former Mayor of Washington, D.C., Marion Barry, has consistently been re-elected to public office despite drug charges followed by a prison sentence (“The bitch set me up.”), tax evasion and now, charges and an upfront admission of using public funding for his own personal use.  Barry has been redemptive after all of these crimes and seems to think that is all that is required of him.  Apparently, his constituents agree.  In his last re-election for Ward Councilman and right after the tax evasion charges, his electorate gave him a victory with 93% of the vote.  He could not care less if the D.C. government issues a censure motion; he has the vote.

Similarly, the government and voters of South Carolina have the nasty, philandering, thieving governor they deserve in Mark Sanford.  We all know of his lying to hide his overseas trips to see his soul mate in Argentina and his admitted use of public funds to pay for those trips.  What was his state’s response?  Absolutely nothing.  The legislators and the voters did not bring up charges against Sanford and are just going along to get along.  Good luck to South Carolina: they have an idiot for a Governor and even bigger morons in their state government and electorate.

Finally, how can we discuss incompetent politicians without giving a nod to Sarah Palin?  Take a look at his clip from the Jay Leno Tonight Show:

Besides her empty cranium, Palin is just plain manic.  She calls the Tea Party “beautiful”, yet is too stupid to realize that those people will turn on her just as sure as the sun rises and sets every day.  Even Jay commented on the Teabaggers’ hatred of all government yet cited their love for Medicare.  Palin will use any and all venues to obtain her goals of money and fame.  But her entire demeanor is just frenetic, very unstable.  Yet, a large portion of the American population call this mania just Sarah being like one of them, a regular American.  Once again, people, you get what you deserve.

Rachel Maddow is a national treasure.  However, the gap (or more like a deep chasm) that exists between honest government and the sympathetically stupid public will never vanish.  In fact, honesty in government and any sort of intellect in the population is nothing more than a fairy tale.  Regardless of the facts, too many elected officials do whatever horrendous deeds they choose and then demand redemption (Americans are so fond of redemption) by appealing to the Everyman model, the flaws we humans all embody.  Then, lo and behold, the American people fall in love all over again with these criminals.  The most sickening fact is that the politicians know all the ins and outs of this procedure and so, there are virtually no constraints on their unacceptable behaviors.

Nevertheless, here’s to you, Rachel Maddow.  Keep on plugging.  Maybe, some day, somewhere, the people will value your intellectual honesty and dedication to the truth:

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One Response to “Nobody Does It Better”

  1. Natalie R. Says:

    This is a WONDERFUL post. I could not agree more. I compliment Rachel EVERY day by email. I don’t care that she probably does not read my praise for the 5000th time but I want MSNBC to count the kudos she gets. I heard that great actress Patricia Clarkson who was in “Good Night and Good Luck” about Edward R. Murrow, compliment Rachel calling her “that brilliant woman” and she is, indeed, that.

    If it weren’t for people like she I would just throw my hands up in disgust. I almost do that anyway. She saves me in many ways. She is absolutely a national treasure as you say and I simply hope MSNBC always sees it the same way! She is the best in political commentary that the cable TV media has to offer.

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