A Further Decline

At this very moment, the headlines of the Huffington Post scream:



Of course the person in question here is Representative Bart Stupak.  Need I mention that he is a Democrat, one of our own?  Look: we have an endless supply of idiots on both sides of the aisle.  They just cannot jump the chasm of legislating for the benefit of the people without muddying the waters with such extra-curricular activities for the purpose of satisfying their egos.

Not to worry.  I fully expected this.  If abortion has to be the sacred cow for this health reform, so be it.  I am bigger and better than these self-serving morons.  The burning question I have is what in the world could these legislators have experienced in their very early lives to have made them so retaliatory?  What life experiences could they have had to always need a victim, like women?  Trust me: they are more to be pitied than censured.  But I will continue to do both.

This process of passing health care reform is neither pretty nor satisfying, but it will get done.  The closer we get to a new policy, signed, sealed and delivered by President Obama, the uglier the opposition will become.  I am ready.  I can handle ugly.  Come on: throw it at me.

BTW, have you heard?  Our Sarah is coming out with another book.  Add another mound of dung to the already impressive pile that we call public service.  Oops, I forgot.  She is writing these books for our own good, to rescue all Americans from their silly concerns about security, a social safety net and equal and fair treatment for all of us.  Silly me.

And Bart Stupak thinks likewise.  Forget about the greater good.  This is his shining moment, the key word here being “his”.


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