The New, Hot Dude in the White House

Who is this new, hot dude in the White House?  Just who is this decisive leader, albeit tinged, ever so slightly, with a Johnny-come-lately aura?  Why it is the man we elected to the Presidency, that’s who!

Now he is primed for action.  His intellectual capacity, his professorial manner, his cool demeanor and his realistic judgment have allowed him to enter a new stage —- action.  Add into the mixture his fierce competitive drive: he didn’t get where he is today by just watching. Damn: he so wants to be the President to initiate health care reform. Let’s face facts: health care reform is a done deal.  While not perfect, the new program will be the solid base for an ongoing policy that will change to fit the times and needs of the American people.  The House passed the reform as did the Senate.  The only obstacle remaining before our new, hot dude in the White House inks the deal is a reconciliation between the two legislative bodies.  A good amount of tweaking still remains to be done and the new, hot dude has voiced his support of the procedure of reconciliation.

I am not kidding myself.  When that tweaking involves (and it definitely will) restrictions on abortion, a lack of attention to tort reform and still and yet, a nod to the monopolistic nature of the insurance companies, I will go ballistic.  But Baby!  Look at us then!  We will have health care reform in some sort of form and we can work from there to improve it.

So Glory be —– the GOP now knows that HRC is a done deal.  Their year-long efforts at obstructing all that the new, hot dude has put on the table have been uncovered.  Their campaign of fear against the White House dude (a Black dude, to boot) is not so veiled anymore, as if it ever was.  Check out this discovery:

The worst part about this GOP revelatory document is not so much the fact that they ridiculed their own donors, but that they finally put in writing (idiots!) their overriding goal to put the fear of God in everything that has to do with our new President.  The Party of No confirmed.  A corollary of this statement is that they acknowledge a dearth of platform principles.  The GOP is bankrupt in caring for and considering the needs of the American people.  Their platform consists of only one ideology: to bring down the current administration.

On the other side of the coin, we have Elizabeth Warren, another cool customer in the political wars to bring oversight and renewed regulation to the financial industry so that American consumers can be afforded some kind of protection against the sharks that currently rule the roost.

She is a more than capable guardian of our financial institutions and repeatedly speaks out, calmly and in language all of us can comprehend.  Yet she is relentless in her efforts to fix a corrupt system.  With whatever limited power she has, and that is mainly educating the public to the wayward tactics of the financial industry, she has kept the need for financial reform on the front page.  She has no legislative powers; only persuasive powers.  I do believe that Warren has crept under the skin of the new, hot dude in the White House.  Financial reform is right there behind health care reform.  I feel it in my bones.

So whom, might you ask one more time, is this new, hot dude in the White House?  Some people call him a Socialist, an intellectual with his head in the clouds, a man more dedicated to theories of governance rather that to actual legislation.  They are wrong.  The new, hot dude certainly took his own sweet time to become a man of action, but you can bet your bippy that there is no turning back now.  We have health care reform and, call me a Pollyanna if you must, financial reform is not far behind.

This new, hot dude in the White House is Barack Hussein Obama and he is just in the beginning stages of his impact on our nation.


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One Response to “The New, Hot Dude in the White House”

  1. Natalie R. Says:

    I can only HOPE you are correct because it surely will mean a better life for our nation and, indeed, the world if he succeeds. I am also hoping that the media pushes hard to support the president in their editorial pieces. We do not need ANYONE who commands a significantly influential stage to pull the president apart. His enemies and the enemies of our nation in the form of Fox News and friends will do that very nicely on their own.

    We need to tell EVERYONE the truth and separate the truth from the LIES as the Republican party of NO and with those violent tea baggers at their side seek to topple and pull the president and his allies in the Congress down with him. I am NOT a fear-monger but a realist. The greatest threat to our nation is not a humane president and his allies but the right wing, racist, violent teabagger nationalists and their institutional supporters who make no excuses for hating government especially one headed by a black man. They want to destroy our government. It is their philosophy. It is what they want to do by any means necessary even if it means flying a plane into a building or bringing a gun to a presidential speech.

    What they really want is civil war and our Founders when they created the Second Amendment had NO clue that this country would become as huge as it is and as much as a repository for gun violence everywhere as it did. The right wing extreme has quadrupled. They are the greatest threat to our government since the Civil War. I am convinced that they want another. Let’s hope the president gets through his agenda so life becomes better for most of us that will help in thwarting the Republican party of No and Fox No News News which gives them a leg up!

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