Parking in America

Only in America.  Despite some self-labeled “cream-of-the-crop” New Yorkers insisting that these shenanigans only occur in their superlative back yards, the purveyors of this, in fact,  underlying provincialism need to open up their eyes and accept that sometimes, absurdity flourishes in the rest of the country as well.  Absolutely not only in New York.  Proving my credentials as a woman of letters, I have been known to leave a few choice notes on people’s cars right here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Unfortunately, that Southern gentility never translated well to Yo Mama.  Here are some of the best ones I have come across, provided by my diehard New York friend, Lonben.  Not only in New York, but in all of America!


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2 Responses to “Parking in America”

  1. lou Says:

    great way to end the week!

  2. ERG Says:

    I’ve been sorely tempted many times to leave a note like this! Go Noo Yawkahs!

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