The Winter of My Content

It was a tough winter.  But I love winter.  And I loved this winter.  All the snow made for a lot of hard work and house confinement, which in turn caused me to notice many household items that need repair.  Too much time staring at the walls.  So I guess it will turn out to be an expensive winter.  But each day is special and this winter’s beautiful scenery was spectacular:

Two feet of snow can mean a lot of fun:

Further, when my mom was in her late 80’s, I did some clothes shopping for her.  I bought her this snazzy argyle sweater:

She  liked this sweater.  After she died, I took it back, mainly because it was made of the softest, cuddliest Orlon.  Over the past few winters, I haven’t really worn this sweater because it makes me so sweaty and hot.  However, having a really cold winter such as we did this year, I am pleased to report that this sweater kept me nice and toasty.

Once again, when my mother was in her late 80’s, she fell and broke her hip.  How did it happen?  She tripped on the gold mule slippers she was wearing.  Oh so stylish but Oh so stupid.  When my sister questioned her as to why she was wearing those old, dangerous shoes, she replied, “I am saving the new ones.”  At age 87, why would she save anything at all?

So don’t bitch about the weather, just take it as it comes.  And don’t forget to burn the beautiful candle, use the new sheets and wear that fancy lingerie, because today, though not as perfect as we would like it, sure beats putting things off in the hopes of a better time.

Winter, shminter.  Today is special enough.


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2 Responses to “The Winter of My Content”

  1. lou Says:

    we always use the good dishes!

  2. ERG Says:

    in honor of your mother and my mother, I always wear the “flawless” jewelry!

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