While the Cat is Away …….

I just have to tell you something, give you fair warning.  Every time I go on vacation, something monumental happens in the news.  I was in a lovely hotel in Florence watching the police chase O.J. Simpson on the California freeways.  I was in Nantucket when Oliver North appeared before Congress.  I was in Maine when Miss America, our Sarah Palin, was named as McCain’s running mate.  Jackson Hole was where I was when Russians attempted a coup against Yeltsin.  And we were back in Maine when Lehman Brothers tanked.

This is a warning: I will be back in Maine this week.  Watch out.  I don’t have good Internet access, so please call me and let me in on what fireworks are going on.  Thank you.

Ta-ta, Tootsie!


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  1. amy lilley Says:

    I’ll be watching my back..as always…thankfully, you are going to have some gorgeous weather…we’ll all be your eyes and ears….:))…safe travels!!

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