The Lie of Deem and Pass

And one more word before I go.  For Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional Democrats to use the back-door strategy of “deem and pass” to enact health care is defiantly dishonest, not only to the integrity of our legislative process but also to all Americans.  Let me explain.

What this procedural move would entail is not an up or down vote in the House to accept the Senate’s version of HCR.  Instead, this self-executing rule would allow the House to vote on specific additions to the bill having “deemed” that the bill passed in the first place.  Guess what?  The HCR bill never passed.  It is a downright lie to use this strategy as the premise for enacting health care reform.

Moreover, basing this new law on a lie might prove unconstitutional.  I do not doubt for a moment that, should the proponents of this bill ram through its passage by “deem and pass”, its opponents will head straight for the Supreme Court for their decision on its constitutional validity.  So after giving false hope to our people, i.e. that there will no longer be pre-existing conditions or lifetime caps on health insurance and that even if one loses his job he may still keep his insurance, then this pseudo-bill hits the Supremes and could very well be judged null and void.  I doubt that even the most liberal Supreme Court Justices would validate HCR based on the fictitious principle of “deem and pass”.

This procedural tactic would be a huge mistake and do a further disservice to our legal government framework and the temperament of the people.  How in all Tarnation can HCR be “deemed” to pass when the objective of such a tactic is based on the outright fact that there are not enough votes to pass it?  A lie is a lie, whether it is propagated by the Republicans or the Democrats.  Also, this strategy is toying with the public’s expectations.  How could this Congress invoke “deem and pass”, get the population’s hopes up and then, if and when this item appears before the highest court in the land (and it will), subject our nation to a crushing defeat if the Court judges this bill as unconstitutional?

“Deem and pass” is not the solution to what ails us.  It is merely a tricky ploy to pass HCR.  We all want decent and affordable health care options.  However, to give us HCR based on a blatant lie, to present the public with HCR that might only have a life of a month before the Supremes kill it, is the worst kind of governing that I have seen yet.  This devious strategy would only add insult to injury in our nation’s quest for health care.

Give it up.  We either have the votes or we don’t.  Such is life.  If we wind up using dishonest tactics to pass this bill, the bill itself becomes suspect.  Regarding HCR,  “deem and pass” is a lie.  Thus, any health care policy that results from “deem and pass” will also be a lie, detrimental to our nation and its people.

Nothing from nothing is nothing.  It is so deemed.


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4 Responses to “The Lie of Deem and Pass”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    I’m STUMPED I just don’t get it….okay, so is this what it means?: The House passed its version of the bill the Senate passed ITs version of the bill, they were SUPPOSED to reconcile the two but through this ‘deem and Pass” does that mean that they will reconcile it into a bill and since BOTH bills passed they will consider the one that is melded into the bill to have passed????

    I’m STUMPED. This MUST be legal as it is in the rules if in fact I have this Deem and Pass right. Don’t you think they would REALIZE that others will go berserk? Confused in Massachusetts which happens to have a fackata state health care and we are in the red! Very confused!

  2. NatalieR Says:

    Someone is going to think I am immoral BUT at this point the Republicans with their moronic and idiotic tea bag movement with Clarence Thomas’s wife at their side make me sick. (I wonder how their marriage plays in racist tea bag land hypocrites that they are.) If it were not for the left, and affirmative action not to mention the abolishing of miscegenation laws they would not be together and he would not be a Supreme Court justice!! … I digress. They are SO rancid and SO disgusting and you can bet if they wanted a bill for their buddies in xyz Corporation they would use Deem and Pass if they had to pass it and as i have read did, in fact, use that numbers of times but not for anything this big.

    I guess what i mean to say is IF by some chance they don’t have the votes which now I think they may indeed have, then I don’t care if they have to do a Hail Mary pass, genuflect 5000 times and kiss 10000 rosary beads and sit on the Pope’s lap, I want the damn thing to pass. I don’t care how just pass it. I personally think they may NOT have to do it this way as I think tomorrow Kucinich IS going to come out for the bill which may put the leftist base in line…HERE’s hoping. Pray to the nature god of us all that for once the Democrats do something right … or nearly so.

    • yomamaforobama Says:

      Thanks for your comment. At this point, I feel like I am being swallowed up, drowning in every esoteric way of possibly passing HCR. I agree: pass it anyway you can. But just underneath the surface of sanity and morality, something stinks. I know “deem and pass” has been used before, many times by the GOP. And I also know that according to the Constitution, the House makes its own rules. Further, the Supreme Court has allowed “deem and pass” laws to stand. So what is this disgust I feel?

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