Maine: Not Quite Spring

My puppy’s namesake, Castine.

Hanging the laundry out to dry in Stonington.

Stonington Harbor.

Stonington: A monopoly on "quaint".

Ditto on "picturesque".

Buck's Harbor: Yummy.

Winter weathering.

Cape Rosier.

Sun's going down on Cape Rosier.


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2 Responses to “Maine: Not Quite Spring”

  1. amy lilley Says:

    yomama takes beauteous pics of Maine…so glad that ‘almost spring’ greeted you this weekend…

  2. NatalieR Says:

    mmm beautiful. It will look even more gorgeous as spring really blooms. The re-emergence of nature is truly a wondrous and amazing thing as the slumber of winter seems so impossible to overcome. Yet it is endured and overcome as nature instructs it to bring forth new life. It is all in the plan. A metaphor for us all and a great title for a book don’t you think? “The Plan.” 🙂

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