The New Adventures of the Old Toyota: Subaru

Subaru is the new Toyota.  The cache, quality and position as the industry leader is now up for grabs.  Nothing like reaching the pinnacle of commercial success and industry leadership only to be caught fudging safety issues and lying about it.  My choice for Toyota’s replacement as the number one selling car in America is Subaru.  Their products are ever-so-reliable, veritable workhorses.  Further, even though their degree of “luxury” is growing, the real luxury of owning a Subaru is its dependability coupled with a decent safety (i.e. and honesty) rating and history.   Time will tell if this is another tale of “too good to be true”, if it is an instance of producing a good product and not taking shortcuts to maximize the bottom line once the attainment of industry leader has been reached.

I love the following Subaru commercials, which feature dogs.  Very innovative to use our beloved pets as the baseline for Subaru’s reputation as a maker of solid, no-nonsense vehicles:

Will Subaru build on its hard-earned esteem or go the route of Toyota and louse up all that they have worked for?  Let’s see if Subaru can maintain its quality, good name, and up-and-coming prominence in the years ahead.  If they choose not to follow in Toyota’s dishonest footsteps, Subaru will be the new gold standard of the automobile industry: the new reincarnation of the old Toyota.


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