Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

This Bill Maher video is just so funny.  It is a bit off-color though, so heed my warning:

What he says about the Democrats, in his very own inimitable fashion, is truthful: they now have the political momentum to forge ahead with the rest of their agenda.  It would be a shame for them to not build on the health care victory.  The passage of HCR was instrumental in setting the precedent for new, major legislation to be enacted during this administration.  Maybe now we can tackle the problems of financial reform, climate control and immigration.

However, my favorite part of this Bill Maher video is the part where he addresses Sarah Palin’s demeaning mockery of President Obama’s message of hope and change.  Didn’t her criticism of that “hopey-changey” thing just kick her in her own rear end?  What does she suggest replace the hope-change platform?  Reloading and taking aim at her ideological opposition?  Or even better yet, totally eliminating, through our second amendment rights, the supporters of hope and change?  Surely the foundation of her message has no positive or consensus-building attributes, but entails the power to quit, destroy and endlessly inflame.  What?  Palin has no comment on President Obama’s intention to drill for oil off our own shores, as he announced yesterday?  What about her credo, “Drill, Baby, drill”?  It will be interesting to see if she nonetheless criticizes our President for his aggressive energy policy, one that she has staunchly supported.  That might be a little tricky, even for her.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we cynics were proven wrong about our contention that the GOP rejects all of the ruling party’s agenda item merely because they want this President and his party to fail?  Wouldn’t it be nice if they actually considered the needs of the people and worked with the political majority towards that end?  Wouldn’t it be nice?


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  1. amy lilley Says:

    ahhhhh…freedom of speech…so refreshing….ahhhhhhh

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