My Netflix Ninja

About four years ago, my son was kind enough to give me a Netflix subscription for my birthday.  What a revelation!  To receive the DVDs in my mailbox and keep them for as long as I wanted was such a liberating experience from the past tyranny of my neighborhood Blockbuster Video.  Blockbuster’s strict policy regarding date of return and financial penalties made the process rather stressful for me.  But not so with Netflix.  I found it quite luxurious to be able to decide when, if ever, I chose to view the video.  A total relaxing enterprise.

As the years passed though, I cancelled my subscription.  My husband just took out a new subscription about two months ago.  It is totally pegged to his taste in movie viewing, although he is more than willing to add a title that has caught my interest.  At any rate, I have discovered that I am married to a Netflix Ninja.  Once a CD arrives in the mail, he will allow me one or at most, two days to watch it.  This is because he “has to get it back in the mail so that the next one can arrive”, ASAP.  So forth and so on.  My Netflix Ninja has taken a wonderfully relaxing way of viewing entertainment and made it as stress-dependent as meeting one’s monthly work quota.

Now when I see that red envelope in our mailbox, I actually groan because I know the drill that will follow to view it and get it back in the mail.  This situation is much worse than the Blockbuster scenario was.  So I am avoiding the whole Netflix deal, as it is just another example, like aggressive driving and checking chores off of a to-do list, that assume a competitive life of their own.  If I have to be a Ninjette on the roads, in the supermarket and on Ebay, why would I want my Netflix experience to become as stressful as those things are?  I will leave that to my Netflix Ninja.

Besides, it is so much fun to watch him watch those movies with such purpose, concentration and ultimately, a surrender to TV-sleep that invariably gets the best of him.  But that DVD is in the mail the next day.  Mission accomplished.


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  1. natalier Says:

    GREAT post and I understand it totally I will NOT get Netflix for that reason…I don’t want to be stressed into having to rent one!!!!

    Still, watch a Serious Man 🙂

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