The Cemetery Ladies Revisited

I cannot believe I found it.  What is not on the Internet?

Regarding my post of 4/23/2010 about my horrendous week, specifically the incident with those New Jersey dollies at the cemetery, please view this excerpt from the classic movie, “Moonstruck”:

When I described the aggression of the roller derby queens staffing the office at the cemetery, the person that came to mind was this Chrissy in the movie, the girl who works at the bakery and is in love with the Nicolas Gage character, Ronnie Cammareri.  At about 4:40 minutes into the video, Chrissy says her famous (to me) line about how tormented Ronnie is.  This is exactly how the sweeties at the cemetery speak.  Once again the phone number there is 201-262-1100.  Call it, listen to the recording and re-live the angst of “Moonstruck”.


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