Cry Me A River

Yes, Siree!  Cry me a river, not of pristine waters, but of toxic sludge.

Calls for “investigations” plus all the alligator tears in the world, AFTER THE FACT, will not do.  Will we ever learn from our past experiences?  Not if money is involved.  Money is the ultimate opiate, wiping out any vestiges of reason, logic or ethics.

As the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico continues to spew oil, the toxic sludge creeping ever closer to land, now only hours away from our shores, the head of BP is calling for any and all help that can be mustered:

An executive for BP PLC, which operated the oil rig that exploded and sank last week, said on NBC’s “Today” that the company would welcome help from the U.S. military.

“We’ll take help from anyone,” BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles said.

How come, when BP built this rig and the nearby states approved its construction, our captains of industry and our lawmakers could anticipate only the huge revenues this rig would generate and NOT the possible personal and environmental disaster that might ensue?  How can a giant oil producer such as BP not be required to have a plan for such a disaster as we are now witnessing?  What?  BP can revel in the money they make from producing and selling oil, but not have a plan on hand nor equipment in place, IN ANTICIPATION of a plausible occupational hazard while our powers-that-be in our industries and government find this scenario just fine and dandy?

Do you think it reasonable that now all of their cries for help should be heeded, much less paid for by our federal government, i.e. the taxpayers?  Although I must admit, President Obama said yesterday that BP will be responsible for the costs of cleaning up this mess.  And what of those tony Nantucket residents who are yelling and screaming against the wind farm that was just approved to be built off their manicured shores?  No wind power because it might be an eyesore to property owners (I personally think the windmills are fantastic and beautiful to look at.), but offshore oil drilling is just super, at least until some catastrophe hits.  Besides the total lack of any anticipatory analysis and preparation, these builders and politicians, the movers and shakers that drive our economy, are just whacked out of their tiny, little minds.

Aren’t we also then, for electing them?  Whether it is fancy-schmancy investments that defy definitions or legislative processes that reward special interests or hateful laws that are reminiscent of totalitarian regimes, when, do tell when, will we say “Enough’?  How many times have we been down this road already?  And how many more times are we going to allow these old situations to pop up again and again, these oft-repeated scenarios that have a special place reserved for them in Hell?

Cry me a river, but by all means let the oil and money still flow.


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8 Responses to “Cry Me A River”

  1. lou Says:

    Hey Sister Sarah, how’s that “Drill, baby. drill” working for ya now???

  2. NatalieR Says:

    I AGREE with EVERYTHING you say and add as one who goes to the Cape often I LOVE the wind farms. I think white mills of their turning reminds me of a Holland windmill. It’s quite beautiful … CERTAINLY more beautiful than an OIL SLICK. God D*&^n it.

    When they start to try to clean off the animals, I will have to turn off the set. I cannot look, my eyes have no more tears. My heart is broken. If anyone is sending cash I am going to try to investigate the best entity to send to CLEAN the ANIMALS and the wet lands.

    I urge anyone who reads this to do the same but be careful to whom you send bucks. Make sure the entity is humane and REPUTABLE!

  3. NatalieR Says:

    MOREOVER, I cannot BELIEVE I simply cannot BELIEVE this president, I loved him, I worked for him, I hoped in him, changed his view on oil drilling OBVIOUSLY for political reasons to score points with Republicans. With Republicans? That rancid name is synonymous with EVERYTHING CRUEL, everything inhumane, everything awful in our politics and HIS game is BIPARTISANSHIP with a party that is as extremist right wing as it can get without being off the deep end. Sure compromise with moderate Republican types, BUT THERE ARE NO MORE OF THOSE EXTINCT entities.

    I say what did you do, Mr. President, what did you do? I’m just plain sickened that’s all. Those beautiful birds, those beautiful ducklings and the spawning fish, crawfish, clams, peoples lives. Louisiana will be ruined for the span of our lives I do believe. It will take a miracle to clean it up. I have lost faith in those long ago!! What did you do, Mr. President, what did you do?

    • yomamaforobama Says:

      In all fairness, Nat, Mr. Obama was no where near the White House when this rig was built and activated. Since this disaster, he has pulled back on his stance for new exploration off our shores —- until the cause for this explosion has been clearly determined. Emotionally, you can put the blame on Obama, but realistically, he hasn’t done anything yet to deserve that blame.

  4. NatalieR Says:

    I have to disagree. He lifted the lid on off shore drilling. He gave a thumbs up. This is a DISASTROUS situation. If he had remained steadfast and said NO a resounding NO to drill baby drill as he did in his campaign I don’t care how many Palin idiots cry for things that are toxic, this spill would not have occurred. He often seems like a Republican wanna be. On the one hand, I can overlook a LOT but this like Tevya says NO there IS no other hand.

    What’s done is done and cannot be undone but like a spurned partner THIS idiotic placation of Republicans and oil money I cannot forget. This is a gargantuan error of epic proportions UNLESS they can cap it and FAST it will go historically down as one of the worst decisions of his presidency. Believe me I hope I am wrong. He is our ONLY game in town!

    • yomamaforobama Says:

      He came out one month ago in favor of more offshore exploration. Please delineate for me how that caused this oil spill. Yes, perhaps our federal gov’t. should not have waited 10 days to take action in response to the explosion and spill; but Obama, because of his policy decision one month ago, is not culpable here. the conditions for this disaster were set up years and years ago, certainly not within the last 18 months.

      Your reaction, placing the blame with Obama, your anger, is simply attaching blame to whomever is in office now. It might make you feel better, but it is misplaced.

  5. Middle Child Says:

    It’s May 4th (late afternoon yet) and you haven’t posted a new blog in FOUR days. Are you slacking off Yomama???? You really should get back to work.

    • yomamaforobama Says:

      Oil spills, grand theft on Wall Street, Geithner testifying before Congress for the 33rd time, terrorism in Times Square, lacrosse players killing lacrosse players, the financial markets going to hell in a hand basket after some countries did the same, 40th anniversary of Kent State ……… You betcha I am slacking off.

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