Yo Mama’s Garden: 2010

It’s that time of year again: to select, haul and plant fantastic plants and flowers and transform my backyard into my own little Eden, far from the madding crowd.  Please share it with me.  Enjoy!

First: here are my Mama's Day flowers.

Lush and lovely.


These are called bat's face. Can you see why?

I have friends in high places.

Magnificent marigolds.

Almost iridescent daisies.

Monument: resting ground of dogs past, Kona and Sierra.

To add spice to my life.

Celosia: I call it "brain plant". There's more sense in this plant than in Sarah Palin's head.

A different color, but still smarter than Our Sarah.

Perky portulaca. It eats the sun for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Impatient inpatiens.

Can't get enough of the glow on these daisies.

These beauties are all in their infancy.  With the proper care and feeding, and hopefully some 80 degree weather rather than the 40 degree conditions we have had recently, they will grow up to be big and strong —- and even more beautiful.  No different from people.

With hope for a blooming, peaceful summer:

From Yo Mama with love.


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3 Responses to “Yo Mama’s Garden: 2010”

  1. amy lilley Says:

    Yomama’s garden is a joy to behold…I am envious that you live in a warmer climate and have already planted to your hearts delight, with L-O-V-E…what strikes me is that the one ‘out of focus’ pic of the colorful lot is the Celosia, where you compare the sense of it to our Sarah..or lack thereof…LOL!!! I look forward to see how everything fills in over the next few months…a job so well done…applause applause applause!!

  2. NatalieR Says:

    Gorgeous plants!!! Really though a dead cactus would be smarter than Palin!!

    Happy near summer although with temps here oye is it COLD!! Felt like snow the other night. I like it though good sleeping weather!

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