Don’t Piss Off The Fairies

The Tinkerbells of our world are getting pissed.  That is not a good thing.   The forces of good, our fairies and sprites, are at best, currently dormant.  Will we have the sense to waken them and heed their sage advice?

Time and time again, we rationalize bad decisions into spin, thinly disguised as political correctness, to justify our mistakes.  A few weeks ago, the Senate was considering gun rights for those people on the “no fly” list.  Senator Susan Collins, in her blatant efforts to support one of the major platforms of the GOP, the right to own guns, said that those on the “no fly” list should absolutely have the freedom to bear arms.  She added that many on that list were there in error.  Is her stupidity really as obvious as I believe it is?  If people are erroneously on the “no fly” list, perhaps we should do our homework and remove them from that list.  However, her logic was not to correct that list, but rather to extend gun rights to everyone on that list.  Instead of addressing the original problem of having innocent flyers on a restrictive list, Collins favored carte blanche gun rights to all on that list.  My question is this: if most of the people on the “no fly” list are potential threats to our national security, why in all tarnation are we giving them the right to bear arms?  Collins lack of logic has only one purpose: to fulfill the GOP’s glorification of owning and using guns.  The fairies are not so happy.

Similarly, Richard Blumenthal, who was considered a shoo-in for Senator Chris Dodd’s Senate seat, held a press conference this past week to announce that he “misspoke” about his service in Viet Nam.  Surprise of all surprises: the man never participated in that war in the way that he had previously touted.  He wasn’t a warrior; he was a member of the Marine Reserves and organized such activities such as Toys For Tots here in our homeland.  Definitely laudable work, but not the type of military role in which he had reported participating.  Blumenthal stood at that podium and said over and over again how proud he was, despite having mislead the public on his military service, of the work he did.  He did not misspeak; he downright lied.  Whether or not he will succeed in the election is up to the people.  At any rate, the fairies are getting angrier.

Personal ethics have lost all of their cache.  Now it is all about raising the campaign funds, securing the office and then using that office to repay the interests that put them there.  Between our public figures screwing around with staffers, courting prostitutes, condemning such social practices as homosexuality all the while as they clandestinely participate in that life choice and making babies outside of their publicly sworn devotion to family values, the need for honesty in their public lives has been thrown out the window.  It makes sense: if these seekers of public office have no regard for limits and morals in their personal lives, how could they possibly have any values in their professional lives?

The most offensive part is that they are getting away with this tacky behavior because they can.  First they lie, then admit their sins and finally, after a weak, implied apology, expect to move on with their campaigns, term of office and generally, their lives.  Often though, the confessions never turn into apologies.  Saving face is still the overriding factor.  Man alive: are the fairies ever pissed.

Thus, this disregard for standards has spilled over from the personal arena to the public one.  Just have a look at BP, Transocean and Halliburton.  With the explicit as well as implicit  consent of our regulatory bodies, these companies have evaded and ignored established principles of safety and quality control.  It is a moot point whether or not these rules and regulations were formal requirements or legal.  Common decency would dictate that common sense should rule the exploration, operation and disaster management of the energy industry.  However, the financial bottom line took precedence over any form of moral, civic or environmental duty.  After acknowledging the vacuum of individual values, this turn of events is totally expected.  The fairies are erupting with anger!

In early spring, patches of whitish violet “grass” appear amongst the leas of green grass.  More often than not, these tiny flower sprays take the form of a circle.  Thus, I call them “fairy circles”.  Here are a couple of photos showing evidence that the fairies are still among us:

Proof positive that the fairies exist.

The fairies are with us. Will we be with them?

Foresight and preparation have less and less place within our world today.  After the fact is no time for apologies, as the violations should have not occurred in the first place.  Supporting illogical and dangerous political policies for the sake of winning office, tolerating convenient sins of omission in public leaders’ lives, and succumbing to net profits over safety for our planet and its inhabitants is destructive. Period.  Legal, political and social incursions do have consequences and should not be glossed over, lest the aftereffects of the initial  act become even more consequential than the act itself.

Are we ready to summon the forces of good?  The fairies are just so pissed off.


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One Response to “Don’t Piss Off The Fairies”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    Here is what I wrote on about Blumenthal the disgraced!:

    UNBELIEVABLE and yet BELIEVABLE … this is why this nation will never survive. Its poltoicos are so mediocre and SO STUPID it strains credulity how anyone on planet earth could vote for any of them. They ALL stink … every last blessed one of them.

    Sidney, I’m a Democrat of Democrats, the world’s MOST progressive person standing along side many, I LOVE my party and what it stands for but YOU Mr. Lying unbelievably BRAZEN excuse for a human being, do you think for even one second this Democrat would vote for you given such a monstrosity of a lie…It’s not the lie so much as the hutzpah to THINK or the stupidity not to realize your claim of fighting in Vietnam would be checked out and checked out and checked again to make SURE you are telling the truth.

    Hell, Kerry WAS telling the truth about his service in Vietnam and could prove it and they tried to dispute it and did successfully even when they shouldn’t have. You LIE about it, can prove nothing and THINK you will get away with it as the talking heads play your lie over and over again and can prove you said what you said, NOT once but many times.

    Unless what I am reading is wrong just get out of our face. You make me ashamed to call myself a Democrat and a liberal. Look at the damage people like you, Spitzer, Edwards and even Bill Clinton have done to our cause. Shame on you. You are an embarrassment. QUIT before I PUKE!

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