Second Coming: Maine Mulligan

It is not often that one gets a second chance, a Mulligan, a do-over.  The growing season in Maine is six to eight weeks behind that of Virginia, so for the last week, I have been lucky enough to experience a second spring.  Enjoy.

Caterpillar Hill

New moss

Clear water

Beginning growth

Seagull sentries

New moss

Early lupine

Making Miss Rumphius proud

Poof: second spring will become summer.


4 Responses to “Second Coming: Maine Mulligan”

  1. NatalieR Says:


  2. amy lilley Says:

    that is so true yomama…beauteous pics…lucky gal you are…we were in Upstate NY (Jimmy and I), Wed/Thurs, for my Uncle’s funeral…Mom’s oldest brother…2 weeks shy of 94…Auburn, NY…this is where Mom was born and most of the Klein/Schwartz clan is buried…along w/ Harriet Tubman…Ft. Hill Cemetery)…I feel a blog post coming on…

  3. mswish Says:

    You have captured the “beautiousness” of your surroundings so well!
    I am glad you have found your inner peace! Now come to Charlestown with me so I can find mine.

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