Armchair Presidents

Don’t go there with me.  Don’t even attempt to assume that President Obama cannot enjoy an evening with his family.  Don’t start to sputter about his callousness, apathy or uninvolvement in the disastrous oil spill because he was swaying with McCartney’s ode to Michelle.  Just don’t.

It was a touching, honest moment.  What?  Is our President not allowed a glancing twinkling of joy?  To those GOP’ers who condemn everything and anything Obama and equally to his supposed “base” of Democrats who are even more traitorous than the Republicans, let up.  The first family’s night of song was no indication of disregard for the tragedy in the Gulf.

The real tragedy is that deep water oil wells, over 5000 feet underwater, were allowed to be installed without any viable means of correcting an emergency.  The oil companies lied about  having a fix and the regulators fell for that garbage.  Every single deep water well should cease operation now, until the technology actually exists to cap a damaged well in that depth of ocean.  Criminal charges may well be the order of the day, but the main thrust should be on capping this well and doing the best clean-up as possible, if possible.

Sometimes there is no fix for an event; no political leader has that kind of control over every single situation.  There are hues and cries that our President is not emotional enough, as are similar accusations that he was too emotional at this White House songfest honoring McCartney.  Is the animosity between Israel and Hamas also the President’s fault?  Is his ongoing support of Israel misplaced as it regards Israel’s aggressive militarism, or is his support for that country falling short?  And what about the critics spewing that Obama’s actions in Afghanistan are not enough to really protect us from terrorism —- offset of course by other critics believing that we have no place to be there in the first place?

Man alive!  Let this man be.  Everyone should just take charge of their own lives and stop assigning blame to our President for everything.  It is so easy for all of our armchair Presidents, Republicans and Democrats alike, to sit back and pass judgment on our actual President.  He cares, but he has an enormous job to fulfill, composed of past and present problems, as well as accompanied by various emergencies that just do not seem to cease.  His job is worthy of Job.

Worst of all, the naysayers who were never for Barack Obama and especially those that were on his side, should ask not what their country can do for them, but what they can do for their country.  Of course, that would take effort on their part, something they require only of Obama, not of themselves.

As if, AS IF, there aren’t enough problems facing us.  Our need to escalate and blame across the board, the very man who is genuinely trying to help us solve those issues is hardly helping matters.  As if by cursing him we cleanse ourselves of any blame.  They have no trust in Obama because they have no trust in themselves.  I am going with Obama because in all of my 59 years, this is the best I have seen.  I know myself and trust my intuition, experience and judgment is separating out the fakers from the real leaders.

So rock on, Barack.  No matter what you do, they are going to talk about you anyway.  What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall and observe one of our armchair Presidents take office and rule perfectly for even one day.


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  1. amy lilley Says:

    Yes, and even the girls seem to ‘get it’…it was a wonderful moment for Mr. Pres. & Michelle…:))

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