From Drill To Bill

On an occasional basis, Yo Mama may invite a guest blogger.  I am doing so today for the very first time, as this person’s comments are a good overview of where we are in our quest for a safer world.  The writer has requested anonymity and I have obliged.


Even as the exhortation to “drill baby drill” dies in our ears the Gulf of Mexico swells with crude, the wetlands are diminished and the pristine beaches become tar pits.  It is not without some irony that the victims of this latest ecodisaster live in red states, where the mantra of the far right now is to blame tree huggers and ecofreaks for the oil spill.   The oil companies, they say, should have been allowed to drill closer to shore, where it is easier. Next we’ll hear that Greenpeace torpedoed the Exxon Valdez and the Audubon Society blew up Three Mile Island.

If sanity prevails the entire episode will some day serve our political process in enabling a Climate Bill.  In the same way we thank the CEO of Wellpoint for enabling Healthcare Reform (by raising rates at the wrong time) and Goldman Sachs for enabling Financial Reform (by making obscene profits at the wrong time), so it happens that British Petroleum struck a gusher that may —-  if we are lucky —-  mobilize public opinion to force us to do what we should have been doing all along.

At least since 1970, the first Earth Day, it has been no secret that we are irrevocably messing up the Earth.  There are simply too many people on this planet, and we are using its resources with abandon.  If there were a sister planet where we could dump our garbage, we would ruin it, too.  Recycling, wind power, tidal power, shale oil, and algal hydrocarbons will not solve our problems if demand keeps going up.   In this sense, all of us who use too much energy, consume far more than we need, and don’t clean up after ourselves —- we are all to blame for this oil spill.  To focus on the blow-out preventer is not what we as a nation should be doing.  Regulation of the industry, a needed and no doubt forthcoming “solution”, is but a band-aid for this hemorrhage.

It is time for us to concentrate on a sustainable economy instead of one that requires perpetual and unrealistic growth and hence the insatiable need for more energy.  This will require a sea-change in attitudes, lots of new science, a change in the way we build things and transport ourselves.  In short, we have to change everything; only the future of the planet is at stake.  Of course, we knew that forty years ago.

The only comment I have on this article is that we surely did know forty years ago about the possible environmental demise of our world.  Alas, our blind partisan ambition and quest for personal gain prevented any significant inroads to preventing environmental disaster.  Will we choose to ignore the writing on the wall for another forty years?  That is, of course, if we have forty years left.


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  1. NatalieR Says:

    I have never read a better post than was issued by your Guest Blogger. He/She is 100% EXACTLY correct!

  2. sarahsouth Says:

    but your posts are really good too, bon bon. 😉

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