Beholding Brooklyn Roads

Last weekend I was fortunate to have my son give me the grand tour of Brooklyn.  Even though I grew up in the NY metropolitan area, I never knew Brooklyn.  Was I missing the show!  Brooklyn is huge, with so many neighborhoods — truly neighborhoods— filled with mostly young people.  But the old buildings were just as vital as the young folks.  Despite its enormity, Brooklyn’s distinct neighborhoods made it so much more habitable than Manhattan.  To me, the noise level of Manhattan is almost unbearable.  Brooklyn is much quieter; a big city, almost a separate state unto itself, tamed by its own involved, personal communities.

From "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn"

Brooklyn hydrangea

Great gargoyle

Bawdy Brooklyn

My crib

So Soho

Gehry's new building from the Brooklyn Bridge

Same building

Its great to go, better to come home. Update of my Eden.

Hundreds of hydrangeas. Home sweet home.

For more views of classic Brooklyn, look and listen:


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3 Responses to “Beholding Brooklyn Roads”

  1. amy lilley Says:

    I have been waiting w/ bated breath for these pics…you have such a great eye yomama…w/ ALL that you could could have shot, these are so unique..Bawdy Bklyn, My Crib…glad you had a chance to go…Eden looks FULLER!!!!

  2. NatalieR Says:

    I have been to NYC many times, been to Soho, Greenwich Village, uptown, downtown all around the town and yet never once have I set foot in Brooklyn. I placed a plaque for my grandfathers at Ellis Island even though one set of grandparents at least may have landed in Boston. Still, I have NEVER been to Brooklyn. I have heard a lot about it especially from a friend whose family were ardent Brooklyn Dodgers fans and were in mourning when they moved to LA. The pics are so wonderful and they do, indeed, make me want to take a trip there and see the ambiance for myself!

  3. new kid Says:

    bon bon,
    this post is my favorite. your “crib” killed me. per the usual, i love you and your blog.


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