Mom And Dad Quilts Revisited

I noticed some “activity” on my post from April 10, 2010 called “Mom and Dad Quilts” and as I had expected, the June newsletter of the San Francisco Quilters’ Guild was published with my article as the lead:

This time around though, with permission, my favorite quilter, Mrs. B, has been fully identified and credited as Mabel Burkholder from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania.  She is a gem and a one-in-a-million artist.


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2 Responses to “Mom And Dad Quilts Revisited”

  1. amy lilley Says:

    I was once again moved by how the story of your memory quilts all came about…wish the pics of Mabel’s work had been bigger…but, great lead story…friend of a friend..:)))

  2. OFFSPRING PRAM | Baby Buggy Stroller .com Says:

    […] Mom And Dad Quilts Revisited « Yo Mama For Obama […]

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