A Second Chance for Afghanistan



If you thought we would never end the war in Afghanistan, you were right.  It is the longest war in our history.  Beside the fact that our most recent military forays have been long, drawn-out, well, draws — unwinnable wars that test and punish our troops, devastate our economy here at home (remember the demise of the USSR due to their untenable expense of maintaining the Cold War?), harm our international reputation yet of course reward our military/industrial complex — we have now announced such a trove of riches, an incredible wealth of minerals, under the Afghan ground that the chances for our retreat from that country is almost impossible.

Let’s see if this discovery will be used appropriately by the Afghanistan and the U.S. to allow Afghanistan to bury the hateful and corrupt poppy trade, the basis of their economy, and supplant it with an economy based on legal products.  I wonder if the Afghan government and people can really forfeit their gains from the poppy and welcome an economy based on actual beneficial natural resources.  An even bigger question is whether or not the Americans will allow Afghanistan access to, development of and profit from their own just-discovered riches.

I knew Afghanistan was a lost cause as long as they based their economy on only the poppy and the subsequent heroin trade.  Now this “miracle” has been found.  Will they abuse and corrupt the gift?  Will Americans stay put where they do not belong because of their own greed?

It is rare indeed for a country to have the chance for a new beginning, a rebirth, as Afghanistan does now.  Will they demonstrate responsibility for the betterment of their people?   More importantly, will the United States allow Afghanistan  this chance without making a grab for the riches themselves, using the guise of “fighting terrorism” to thinly veil their own financial interests?  Will we now never leave Afghanistan?

Let’s wait and watch.


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  1. NatalieR Says:

    My bet: We will NEVER leave. If we leave others will come looking for them thar gold in the hills. We told about it because it makes it more palatable to the American people to stay becasue oh you know how benevolent we are to help them grown an economy instead of heroin. We shall see. My bet is placed on STAY — for decades! UNLESS and until the public gets fed up and/or drafted. The draft would kill it (so to speak) post haste!

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