Maine Meanderings

Once again, I am in Maine to enjoy the sights, smells and nature.  Meander with me for a while!

My back yard.

My side yard.

At the beach on Cape Rosier.

Nothing like a little red boat.


I call these "sea grapes".

Weathered wood.

A big red tractor.

Can you say the name of this camp?

What a web they weave!


"Mirror, mirror ...."

Welcoming gateposts.

Until we meet again.

The Blue Hill, Maine library is currently having a show of original paintings by Robert McCloskey.   McCloskey was a noted author and illustrator of such children’s classic, award-winning storybooks as “Blueberries For Sal” and “Make Way For Ducklings”.  These paintings caught the whimsey as well as the substance of his subjects.  I dedicate this section to the one-in-a-million doggie, Crumbles W., a sweet, cuddly and joyful pet who left my good friends last weekend.  RIP Crumb!  You loved and you were so loved back.


Crumbles Gelato W., Mr. Man, 2000-2010 RIP


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5 Responses to “Maine Meanderings”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    Gorgeous pics and Crumbles…all you have to do is look at his pic and love him. Indeed RIP. so hard to deal with.

    Beautiful flowers, beautiful OIL FREE shore and we SURELY hope it stays that way!! The BFF painting is my favorite naturally it’s the one with the dog in it! woof. love it.

  2. amy lilley Says:

    poor Mr. Crumbles…condolences…the photos are WONDERFUL yomama…LOVE LOVE LOVE the red tractor…so glad that you have a chance to have such wonderful art @ your library…and I’m laughing @ the camp name..glad that we got a ‘simple’ name to carry w/ us for the rest of our lives…:)))

  3. mswish Says:

    You are the best bff! Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Mr. Man.
    He will most certainly be missed, but was loved every day of his 10 years!
    Loved the beauty and peacfulness of the Maine pictures.

  4. Cuz Marc Says:

    Now this looks like a place to do nothing.
    I can see why youare there.

  5. Suzie Says:

    A far cry from HH pkwy…although any place is wonderful with the ones you love!!!!

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