Greed: From Wasilla to Wall Street

It is 100 degrees in the shade.  For the third straight day.  It is too hot to exert oneself physically, but the mind is always willing.  To go with the weather, here are some spicy tidbits in the news.  There is an amazing similarity between the Palins/Johnstons of Wasilla and  Goldman Sucks of Wall Street.  Who would have thought it?

Surprise, surprise.  Levi Johnston has returned to the Palin fold.  What made him cave to the Palins of Wasilla?  Was it the fear of losing his loves, Bristol and their son, or possible banishment from seeing them, or the threat of a long, expensive, ugly custody battle?  Was it the fact that his paying publicity opportunities, be it nude centerfolds, provocative interviews or “acting” gigs, had dried up?  Who knows.  Knowing the Palin family, my bet is on the money side of things.

Anyway, Levi’s sister, Mercede Johnston, has not spoken to her brother since his about-face.  She has her own blog which you MUST visit.  On the right side of the website is a request for donations to support her blog; Paypal is accepted.  What is it with these families from Alaska, the Palins and Johnstons?  Is there anything they would not do for a buck?  They have no shame and all is fair game in filling their pockets.  Freeloaders and whores.

Next, I found a great article in the New York Times by William D. Cohan on the fate that befell Goldman Sucks.  Their blatant greed was not a new phenomenon, but rather a ruling principle of that company, if not their entire industry, for many, many decades.  Morality and responsibility cannot be legislated.  Fine.  But Cohan is so correct when he writes it is even more foolhardy for companies like Goldman Sucks to be bailed out.  Let them devour their customers, let let them take the risks of dubious financial products that have the power to bring down their own house and let them devise empty investments that undermine the financial markets; but why then, are they worth saving?  Don’t tell me it is for the greater good to save the financial industry and the bedrock of our economic system.  It is not.  Let them sink or swim on their own.

Wasilla and Wall Street.  No matter how hard you looked for examples of greed, accompanied by an absence of ethical behavior, you could find no more blatant incidences anywhere.  The saddest part is that Americans no longer blink twice when faced with such narcissistic acts.  Perhaps that is the worst sin —- our apathy.  We need to blink.

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