Thank Our Lucky Stars

Well, the earth moved for me this morning in the form of a 3.6 earthquake.  On a more spiritual scale, do you think the Deity was praising or condemning the Senate’s passage of the financial reform bill?  If he is a Democrat, he was probably trashing the legislation, a practice that is only superceded by the GOP patent “No” platform.

Stephen Pearlstein of the Washington Post wrote today specifically about this new bill actually fostering a safer, more responsible economic climate.  I especially liked his last words, which laid the blame for abuses at the feet of the business lobby, which in turn has created a hostile environment for political solutions.  As if our nation is not partisan and divided enough without the influence of special interests to spur them on:

The problem in Washington is not that President Obama and the Democratic Congress have created a hostile regulatory environment for investment and job creation. Rather, the problem is the hyperbole and poisonous rhetoric from the business lobby that have created a hostile environment for political compromise. Over the years, Americans have shown that they can respond creatively, even profitably, to reasonable regulation. Apparently our business leaders have lost faith that we can do it again.

Applying this poisonous influence to our political process as a whole, there was finally, a piece of writing that hits at the heart of what I have been trying to say for the last six months: President Obama is doing a fine job of fulfilling his campaign promises, undoing the damage of Bush/Cheney and setting America on a course that fulfills our needs and repairs our reputation.  Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post today wrote an Op-Ed that called out the Democrats for their whining disappointment of their President and suggests that the fulfillment of Obama’s promises, be it that they are not as pure as originally stated due to our overwhelmingly partisan form of government, is right on target.  My favorite part is:

After rising from the ashes of 2008 by uniting in opposition to anything Obama and the Democrats tried to do, Republicans are defined more by the word “no” than by anything else. They have a rallying cry but not a program.

That’s a lot for Democrats to work with. I happen to believe that Obama and his party have established a remarkable record of achievement. Many Americans do not agree, however, and the thing for Democrats to do is not to sulk and feel mis-understood but to go out and change people’s minds.

Democrats need to get over themselves. And then they need to get busy.

Robinson is correct in calling out the Democrats for their purist Progressive funk.  We should be glad for our leader and that he has been able to deliver major legislation at all.  What astounds me is the fickle loyalty of the Democrats; if they do not get the policy changes characterized totally and unanimously by the liberals and progressives, they turn around and withdraw their support from the President.  Gee …… I guess that strategy will get us to the place we want to be at on Election Day.

Furthermore, Politico came out with an article holding that, due to the partisan political underpinnings of our government, even when President Obama wins, he loses.  Here is a response to that theory, including links to the original article:

For those selfish, over-expectant and two-faced Democrats who withdraw their support from their President, the series of events since Inauguration Day 2009 tells quite a different picture.  President Obama has delivered on his platform of change: we have a new health care bill, we have financial reform  and we are damn well headed towards a sounder climate/energy policy.  And yes, even though Arizona forced us to make a move on immigration reform, we are also headed in that direction.  The federal government now knows that the reason Arizona passed that immigration act was because of the vacuum of effective immigration policy by the federal government.  President Obama has had an incredible number of successes during his first 18 months in office.  Each and every piece of legislation, given the dysfunctional, divisive and selfish structure of government, still upheld the integrity of the changes that were proposed during the campaign.

I am no politico, and I have no answers as to why President Obama’s job satisfaction numbers keep falling.  However, I do hold his fellow Democrats partially responsible.  They must extend their loyalty to him, keep the faith and understand that this country is so evenly divided between the right and the left that they must accept successes in matters of degrees, not absolutes.  Why has the President’s poll numbers sunk right after the stimulus was enacted, after health care was passed and now, immediately following financial reform?  I don’t know why, but our support, coupled with a longer outlook, is mandatory now.  This is not the time for the Democrats to place a higher value on “being right” than supporting their leader.  Talk about narcissism and ego-fulfillment.  I daresay that as soon as the unemployment figures go down (and they will, but it will take a good while longer), President Obama’s numbers will start rising.

Eugene Robinson is absolutely correct in calling out the Democrats for their cry-baby behavior.  Instead, they should be out there talking up all of the President’s successes.  Might they acknowledge the degree of compromise that was necessary to pass this legislation?  Of course.  Then, they should go right back out there and praise the bills that we did get passed.  After that, they should thank their lucky stars for President Obama and his efforts to set a firm foundation for significant change.  Finally, the Democrats should sing the President’s praises because, ultimately, everyone loves a winner.  To follow any other strategy would be an immense help in getting another Bush in the White House —— remember Jeb?  Wouldn’t that be a kick in the ass?


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3 Responses to “Thank Our Lucky Stars”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    It’s hard for me to know what to say. On the one hand I see your points. A brilliant relative of mine even said to me quite angrily recently:

    “if you had it to do over, would you rather McCain/Palin? Obama is not Superman; he’s more like Mighty Mouse or UnderDog. Politics is the art of the possible, and remember, the Dems behaved like jackasses and didn’t pull together when they had the votes. I think Obama has made errors, but he is doing B or B+ work.”

    OF COURSE I would NEVER have wanted McCain much less Palin and I think I could have chalked all the other compromises up to the political game even though some made me gulp but then the leak. THAT was the straw that broke this camel. I am STILL recovering. I can compromise on anything even people’s health but screw the animals and I am ready to kick someone in their ass. I was SO angry, and still am, that I could spit. It has left its mark but that does not mean that I do not thank fate or god of whatever that it is NOT McCain/Palin. I do see Jeb Bush in the background which makes me sick.

    I believe the thing that makes me shake is that the economic disaster the president inherited from Bush the idiot will be forgotten that he inherited it. I have never liked Geither, Summers et al. I wanted Krugman and now if he lets Elizabeth Warren out the door because little Timmy pay no taxes billionaire Geithner won’t play if he has someone on the team who has the guts to tell it like it is, then it is bad news because we MUST create more jobs and I believe like Krugman that the stimulus was not enough. I also believe that Wall Street will not lend because they WANT the economy to tank so Obama will be blamed. We needed someone in there from Main Street not Wall Street so more jobs could have been created and FAST. We still do.

    So those are the two areas that I think can spell problems for November. If people could just wait it out I think the economy WILL improve but this is a McDonald’s country, they want things FAST. Well, because of that we may not only lose the Congress but ultimately get Jeb Bush as well? I can laud Obama for some of what he has done but the other stuff sticks in my craw and makes me afraid very afraid!

    • yomamaforobama Says:

      And all the “other stuff” has nothing to do with Obama. It has to do with our incredibly partisan form of government and a lack of ethical foundation. But feel free to lay it all on Obama if it makes you feel better. You are not alone.

  2. NatalieR Says:

    One more thing: Just watching Kieth who had an EPA expert. The problem of this leak is HUMONGOUS….it is outrageous and it is totally unacceptable. The guy is talking about two things: (1) the level of the pressure is not as high as they would like. Okay it might be due to the fact that there has been so much oil expended (2) Worst of all worsts is this ugly gross dispersant that BP was allowed to spray. They have NO idea what this will mean for the health of EVERYTHING and I do mean everything and everyone including humans. Dispersant is being observed in their blood. It is unimaginable that this thing was even allowed to happen. Have a case of cancer why don’t we?

    Would you buy and eat seafood from Louisiana? No way Jose, no way.

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