A Quickie Maine Hello

This is just a quick Maine “Howdy do”.  I wanted you to share in my homecoming on Saturday night.  As we drove up at dusk, my wildflower meadows were resplendent with thousands of gloriosa daisies.  They appeared to glow in the evening, with their natural yellow, orange and red shading.  Interspersed with this sea of vibrant color were Queen Anne’s lace, a very delicate white flower.  This sea of color took my breath away, and I just wanted to share:

Glorious gloriosa daisies: my back yard.

Captivating color.

My side yard.

Queen Anne's snazzy lace.

Brooksville farmer's market.

What can I tell you?

Berry beautiful.

Four effin’ days of not being able to upload my photos on to this site.  All of a sudden, it decided to work.  Technologically stupid I definitely am, but my persistence is still greater than my ignorance.  Thus, enjoy the pictures.  Now if only you could hear the bees humming throughout my wildflower meadows!

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2 Responses to “A Quickie Maine Hello”

  1. NatalieR Says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! WOW why can’t we make the world as beautiful as those pics!!! terrific!

  2. amy lilley Says:

    love love love love love all the pics…the field, in this size pic is breath taking…enjoy..:)))

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