It’s A Morning In Maine

Just a few comments on the irony and hypocrisy of our world.  Being in this small, remote and media-removed universe in Maine, perhaps I am even more sensitive and appalled at the outrageousness of the daily goings-on in the good ole’ USA.  In my very brief foray into current events, why is it that these two articles just slapped me across the face?  After reading these, I did not even bother delving any further into the day’s media events; my curiosity was quashed by the stark ugliness of our narcissistic political process.   Sarah Palin actually criticizing President Obama for appearing on “The View”?  Isn’t that rich?  The Queen of media overexposure, the epitome of irresponsibility (remember she quit her public service job as Governor of Alaska so that she could rake in the big bucks?) comes down on our President for taking on a venue that “everyday Americans” would tune in to watch?  I suppose Palin’s “hockey mom” aura is okay for her hokey image, but not for our President.  Silly Sarah: still a bag of mixed messages — certain standards for Joe and Jane America and definite other standards for our Sarah.

Charlie Rangel is in deeper that even he thought.  In response to ethics violations, he has agreed to a hearing in front of the Senate Ethics Panel.  Thirteen counts of alleged violations, and he still insists on his “day in court”, even though that day will be smack dab right in the middle of midterm campaign activity.  If he was being examined for one, maybe even two violations, I could understand his attempts to clear his name.  But thirteen?  Similar circumstances appearing over and over again.  What is his point?  Is he in cahoots with our Sarah in believing that his public service career voids any ethical missteps?  Is he stooping to that double standard that our Sarah has down so well?

When the sun comes up at 5:00 A.M., the dog is up and ready to roll.  Consequently, I, too, am ready to greet the day.  I got a very early start and set out to catch some Maine beauty with my camera.  I think I succeeded.  Feast your eyes.

Rushing to where?

Doesn't matter.


Hulls in the A.M.

Solidly abstract.

So I think I will stick with the scenery rather than the fun and games of those chosen to run our country.  Those “leaders”, quite frankly, do not have a clue as to what our country is all about.  To give them credence and consideration would be like multiplying zero times zero …. and we all know what the answer is to that problem.


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  1. amy lilley Says:

    I am happy that you and the creek are ‘rushing to where?’…my sentiments exactly…we had a weekend like that @ the beach…slow, quiet, sweet sweet…deeply satisfying….

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