Pleasures of the Harbor

A merry Monday morning to you all.  Come enjoy the scenery with me, as well as the classic Phil Ochs music.

Pleasures of the harbor.


You know who you are: my special Annies

What's prettier? The scenery or the clouds?

Harbor dog.

Absolutely Andrew Wyeth worthy.

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4 Responses to “Pleasures of the Harbor”

  1. amy lilley Says:

    BEAUTEOUS!!!…you wonder why I spend so much time walking by the water and breathing the air…it is a must!!!…love love love harbor dog…not Cassie???…and Phil Ochs…you have taken me waaaayyyy back w/ this one!!

  2. NatalieR Says:


  3. Patricia Perle Says:

    What Beauty!!!! Makes you feel good to be alive! Can you bring that dog home?? Where is Cassie?

  4. mhasegawa Says:

    I love the beach and I love Maine. I was there last in Maine. Enjoy!

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