Bonnecamp: My Beach, My Bitch

OK.  So it’s not the tropical beach of Kokoma or some deserted, lush island.  But I love my beach, my bitch and my Bonnecamp.

Early morning at the beach at Cape Rosier.

A new friend.

Obviously a fair-weather friend.

Set me free, why don't you Babe..........

....You just keep me hangin' on.

Wood of the ages.

You are my sunshine.

Flower power.

Can you believe this?

It's tough being an only child. Please play with me.

Good girl.

The sweetest smile this side of Castine.

Can you believe this was just waiting for me at the only antique store that I entered?

Of course I bought it!


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2 Responses to “Bonnecamp: My Beach, My Bitch”

  1. amy lilley Says:

    I am loving your Maine pics and Bonnecamp!!!!!…your Cassie, WHAT A GOOD GIRL…love that face…:))))

  2. NatalieR Says:

    Oh my God…those pics drive me to want to go to the nearest Buddie Dog rescue place near me….She is GORGEOUS… I love those pics…all of them…the birdie..your friend … albeit a fair weather one. Maybe the birdie will be back looking for you.

    I don’t know why but the pics reminded me of Emil Hersh’s starring role of “Into the Wild.” Loved that sad film. In the end nature got him. He could not survive it. He did for a long time but ultimately could not. So he died enveloped in the landscape of mother earth that he loved so much. Great film.

    I, reality though for our animals for ALL life really it is a struggle to survive. Every day for them they must move, eat, and reproduce or they die out. For all the animals, mammals, reptiles, insects and birds they must overcome HUGE odds against nature’s wrath amid its sometime calm. Incredible really when you think of it. How long could I survive into the wild…not 10 minutes!

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