Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Dear Mr. President:

Happy, happy 49th birthday.  May safety, good health and happiness be by your side this year.

Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic has perfectly captured your tenure as President.  Please read this short article as it is the best, yet most pragmatic and truthful tribute to you on your day.  You are doing a good job, but hey …. it isn’t as easy as you or we thought it would be, right?  Sullivan is genuinely correct in his assessment of your slow, steady advancements in governing.  Heaven knows that especially with our crazy, obstacle-creating form of government, it is amazing that anything has gotten done.  Then, couple that with the innate impatience and need for total and immediate gratification of the American people and Man oh Manischewitz is that a formula for disappointment.  But you have been successful in the bills for health care, financial reform, recession-fighting measures and your appointments of (almost) two intelligent, poised and diverse Supreme Court justices.  Slow and steady, Sir, is just perfect; no flash-in-the-pan you.  Thank you.

As I have written here often, now is not the time for your supporters to desert you, based on their disappointment in the breadth and scope of your new legislation.  That strategy would simply benefit the empty agenda of the GOP.  Sullivan’s description of your watered-down bills is correct.  However, the historical importance and impact will grow over the next few years, as did our country’s initial distaste for civil rights, social security and Medicare.

You are doing good things.  Keep it up.  There isn’t another leader who could take the gruff you are taking, shake it off as you have and then continue on the same progressive path.  Enjoy your special day and I will check back with you next year on your 5oth birthday.

Best wishes,

Yo Mama For Obama



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