Ode to Maribel on Her Birthday

Today my daughter Maribel is 28 years old.  Happy birthday!  When she was born, her hands, fingers included, were no larger than a quarter.  However tiny her physical presence was, her strong personality was sealed, signed and delivered at that moment.  Bolstered by a knack for keen observation, a willingness to  learn and a caring sensibility, Maribel has grown up “real good”.  This birthday tribute is, in large part, musical.  After all, Maribel IS music.

As a baby and young child, Maribel was very busy all the time, which was why when she finally slept we said that she was simply “recharging”.   She had no use for naps after about six months.  No, not Maribel.  Too much to do.  She had controlled business to attend to with firm intentions.  Never any wasted energy, but always high energy with a purpose and deep focus.

My regular readers know that the raison d’etre of this site is to celebrate, support and value our children.  That is the only way we can ensure a dedicated, principled, upcoming generation that will hopefully have their heads screwed on correctly so that our world will be a better place.  I take real joy in watching Maribel’s progress.  In fact, I might even admit that the student has now become the teacher, my mentor.  There is no better reward, no sweeter comfort.

When Maribel was born, I hand-made her birth announcements.  The quote, written over a painted rainbow, was taken from John Denver’s song, “Rhyme and Reason”:

Like the music of the mountains and the colors of the rainbow,

she’s a promise of the future and a blessing for today.

Who knew?  You wanna talk about Karma?  Maribel IS music, she IS a promise of the future, and she most certainly IS a blessing for today:

When my daughter wrote the song “Minnesota”, on the heels of Barack Obama’s clinching of the Democratic presidential nomination, the words “Right back at ya” never had more meaning:

Read a book to your baby tonight

Bless her with patience and speed

Teach her the difference between wrong and right

Between justice, faith and greed

That’s the change we need ….. Minnesota.

Her wonderful lyrics, gorgeous poetry and belief in the worth of the next generation are indicative of a greater truth underlying this song.  Have you ever watched Maribel interact with a child?  The deep respect she shows that little one is ricocheted back at her in the form of like, love, devotion and understanding, just like a boomerang.  The world could do a lot worse than follow her example.  She gets it.  That’s not all, my friends: she lives it.

In order to attain a productive, satisfying life, one must integrate a code of ethics within oneself.  Then, one must try to bring those values to the world-at-large.  Maribel has shown she is dedicated to both personal fulfillment and social responsibility.  Furthermore, she tempers her ambitions with an emotional tenacity, an intellectual hunger, a great sense of humor and a calm demeanor.  Appropriately, “the weight” has been successfully shifted:

So Happy Birthday, Maribel.  May your day be as positive, honest and grounded as you are.  The Who, in their rock opera “Tommy”, reminds me of where you have been , where you are now and where you undoubtedly are going.  Yes, my daughter, you have lived and learned.  To me, you are a source of sanity in an often insane world.  You and Tommy inspire me:

Listening to you, I get the music

Gazing at you, I get the heat

Following you, I climb the mountain

I get excitement at your feet.

Right behind you, I see the millions

On you, I see the glory

From you, I get opinions

From you, I get the story.

Those last four lines just scream out at me that you understand the whole point.  I so value your “opinions” and “stories”.  Grab that guitar and make your magic.  The beauty of your journey is that all that insight, serenity, common sense and beautiful simplicity come from your huge heart and well-trained mind.  The world is a better place with you in it.  You grew up really well and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

You are a standard now for personal values, social responsibility and happy times.  The transference and yes, even ascendancy (you heard it here first) of your wisdom and goodness is a wonderful thing to witness.  The child has become the teacher, the guardian of the future.  This is the natural progression that every parent hopes to see.  Maribel, you are just “fine, fine, fine”:

You know it is all about the children.  Once you live by this credo, everything else will naturally follow.  This is your day, but your chosen path has allowed each and every of your days to overflow with freedom, proudly and duly earned.  Seize it.  Live it.  And pass it on.



6 Responses to “Ode to Maribel on Her Birthday”

  1. amy lilley Says:

    Not a dry eye in the house after this poignant post from yomama to Maribel…

    A very Happy Birthday to Maribel…many more joyous and song filled days…XXXXXXX

  2. Natalie R. Says:

    With a tribute that yo mamma gave how could you ever go wrong!

    Wishing you, of course, health and happiness but most especially the life-long ability to appreciate life’s beauty and the wonder of it all.

    Happy birthday, Maribel!!

  3. cameron Says:

    go ali! it’s your birthday!
    #1 fans.

    lovely post, bondawg.


  4. scotty Says:

    wow yomama! what a great tribue!

  5. Suzie Says:

    Beautiful words for our precious offspring!

  6. EGR Says:

    Happy, Happy B-day Maribel! I remember your Dad calling me and giggling because he was so happy you were a girl.

    Beautiful post Mama.

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