The Veil of Hypocrisy

In America’s culture wars, I believe that some truths are becoming, at last, evident.  Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s rant using the N-word multiple times has finally come around to out her underlying philosophy.  Additionally, the not-at-ground-zero proposed mosque in NYC debate has also uncovered some Americans’ antipathy to equal rights.  Truth and hypocrisy are both emblematic of these two ongoing discussions.  The players are trying to cover up their racism by citing what they consider to be points that supersede our constitutional rights.  Honey, that is the whole point of our Constitution: nothing, NOTHING, can override those inalienable rights, try as hard as they will  to take those rights away from certain groups.  This veil of hypocrisy is uncovering the actual truth.

Dr. Laura has stated that her writings, discussions and radio show has always been about “doing the right thing”.  Tres Palinesque: do what I say, not what I do.  In this particular call from a listener, but also very typical of Dr. Laura’s tone on her show, the good doctor ignored the premise of the call and used it to bash our President, not once but twice.  Her tone, as usual, was so strident and accusatory, certainly not at all helpful to the distraught caller.  This is what offended me the most: the fact that Dr. Laura ignored the specific problem of the caller but then went on to expand the issue to national politics.  I could not believe that no one acknowledged this attempt by Dr. Laura to use her show to diminish our President,  who she obviously does not agree with politically.  Finally, Lincoln Mitchell put an end to that.  Read this article because quite simply, it is the truth:

Dr. Laura’s displacement behavior in using the despair of one of her callers to address the hostess’s own political and cultural beliefs is hypocrisy of the first order.  What else is new?  Not for a minute should anyone believe that this pop, pseudo “psychologist” is in the game to teach people the right thing.  No way.  She wants to teach the people HER way.

Then, as if to punish her listeners for their criticism of her, she announced that she will cease production of her radio show at the end of this year.  Watch the interview with Larry King:

You can hear the extreme difficulty she has with offering an apology.  This goes against everything in her and her protective allegiance to herself above all. Can you believe she is quitting her show because she claims it limits her expression of free speech?  Not once does she address the purpose of her show and her choice not to advise the caller.  For a show that is supposed to be about other people, it sure smells of narcissism to me.  It is all about Dr. Laura.  Perhaps that is the real reason she is quitting is that she got found out! One other thing: two of her show’s national sponsorships have pulled out of supporrting her show.  Once again, tres Palinesque.  If the money’s not there, why do it?

Similarly, the argument on the mosque in NYC is equally as fictitious in its aim to protect “hallowed ground”.  Have a look at this:

Once we start picking and choosing where and whom may build a religious gathering place, the first amendment might as well be thrown out the window.  Those hypocrites’ bigotry and anger have been exposed  because they have also been “found out”.  They can no longer hide their prejudice behind selective principles.

And so the culture wars continue, veiled by racist bullies on such issues as “fair play” and “sensitivity”, which are really excuses to exclude Americans from their Constitutional rights.   What are they really afraid of?  Don’t fall for such sorry, pathetic attempts to deny ALL Americans what is theirs to take.


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